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Avanti showcased on MyClassicCar.com...


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MyClassicCar.com showcases a black '63 Avanti to demonstrate how to use a random orbital and Blackfire polishes sold by Autogeek.net. I don't use those particular products but it's very gratifying to see the Avanti get some solid public showing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHNmLI4bc0Y

BTW...if anyone wants to buy their care care products from Autogeek, they give us a 10% discount by simply using the promo code AVANTI10. I set that up with them a couple of years ago. Autogeek is a great place to get super quality products...it's owned and run by car guys.

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Dennis is a big fan of Avanti. In May during the Houston Keels & Wheels Concours d'Elegance I went fishing for a long day with Dennis in Gulf of Mexico. He is the real thing, very bright guy (PhD chem) and very calm guy. He was good just to talk about most anything; however, when the camera comes on he is "ON" and his demeanor is more TV.

Here is a pic fishing around the off-shore rigs (fish like the rigs !!!). The long moustache is the real, here is a pic unwaxed.



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