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New Avanti questions


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15 hours ago, RoyG said:

Best of luck with your new project.  I'm a couple months into mine (a lot rougher than yours!) and enjoying most of the process.

About the hog troughs from down south:  Just because an Avanti spent its life away from salted roads and a lot of moisture doesn't mean you are in the clear.  There are weep holes that let water escape from various points (like the cowl vent) and lead the water down into the hog troughs where  (in theory) it could easily escape.  In the dry dusty southern regions, where they get a lot of wind blown dust, this dust can get washed down into the hog troughs where it collects and then holds moisture.  That constant moisture can easily rust the hog troughs out from the inside.  When you get the car up on a lift first check for visible signs of rust, and then hammer test (lightly) the bottom of the troughs for weak spots.

My right side troughs was "toast" but the left side looked solid.  I figured "what the hell" and decided to rip them both out and replace them.  The left side was badly rusted and needed replacing almost as badly as the right side, even though it wasn't "rust through" except in two very small spots.  The job is a real "PAIN" but I feel much better knowing I'm working now from a solid base.

Roy, thanks.  

Sounds like we are in the same situation.

I am heading home from a week in WI and can start on the car.  I basically trailered the car home from Scranton and went on holiday.

I'll post some pics.

Also the battery area is the thin one  is there some clever solution to that or should I just run the battery in the trunk?

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1nxs, kwol, thanks for the good words.

@Stormy, nice survivor. 

@KWOL, "To Paint or Not to Paint. That is the Question"

Liking your Silver Shadow. I have a '71 Corniche Coupe' that I want to paint because I dont like its gold color. Also have a '78 Bentley T2. Love the R-Rs and Bs. - Great cars with interesting automotive history. PITA to maintain though.  🙂 

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71 corniche, NICE!  I have a lot of choices when I reach for a set of keys in summer I mostly pick the shadow.  As you say, they are a little bit of work to maintain, but if you do it's totally worth it.  I get more thumbs up, and selfies, and smiles with that car than any of the others and one of them is a mini!

The Avanti has done nothing yet except sit in my yard, but I've had more folks stop and ask about it so I expect it will be a smile engine as well when I get to driving it.

I just bought this house last fall so I am not working on the cars much, but I'm finally getting ahead of things so maybe I'll be back to the cars soon.

Here's a repro dash cover that came with the car.


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Here's some questions.  

1. Where are the fasteners for removing the dash and how many of them are there?

2. What should the 4 speed shifter knob look like in 63r2587?

3. Is there anything special in rebuilding the fiel pump?


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