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  1. That's awesome. I should be able to figure it out after reading that.
  2. Ok, Here's some questions. 1. Where are the fasteners for removing the dash and how many of them are there? 2. What should the 4 speed shifter knob look like in 63r2587? 3. Is there anything special in rebuilding the fiel pump? Thanks.
  3. Here's a set of SW gauges I have to put in as well.
  4. Paulk, 71 corniche, NICE! I have a lot of choices when I reach for a set of keys in summer I mostly pick the shadow. As you say, they are a little bit of work to maintain, but if you do it's totally worth it. I get more thumbs up, and selfies, and smiles with that car than any of the others and one of them is a mini! The Avanti has done nothing yet except sit in my yard, but I've had more folks stop and ask about it so I expect it will be a smile engine as well when I get to driving it. I just bought this house last fall so I am not working on the cars much, but I'm finally getting ahead of things so maybe I'll be back to the cars soon. Here's a repro dash cover that came with the car.
  5. Roy, thanks. Sounds like we are in the same situation. I am heading home from a week in WI and can start on the car. I basically trailered the car home from Scranton and went on holiday. I'll post some pics. Also the battery area is the thin one is there some clever solution to that or should I just run the battery in the trunk?
  6. I really like the blue trim on white in the interior.
  7. Couldn't find a drooling emoji so just imagine I' m drooling.
  8. Nice paint job. The shop looks pretty nice. I just moved and I haven't built a barn yet so who knows where I'll be painting it yet.
  9. That was the lotus frame off I did a few years ago it. It's actually worse getting parts for those with three digit production figures.
  10. I also sometimes don't paint cars.
  11. That is one great looking car. I unfortunately I will need to be painting mine. I have been known to paint cars. Notice the spray booth which you might have mistaken for an operating theater because it's so clean.
  12. I'll certainly chevk thst out.
  13. The car came from somewhere down south. The bottoms of the rear frame horns are perferated but the frame on the whole looks good. The hog troughs look good enough that I probably wont have to do work there. I pulled the body on my lotus a few years back which is a little trick because the "frame" is basically just two subframes linked with a sheetmetal box to prevent flex. The fibreglass body is a big structural component on those cars. First priority is the brakes, then the rear end, then the cooling system ( so I can move it) then I'll check it out the frame before moving on.
  14. Here's a list ( not in any order) Front brakes install upgrade kit ( have ) Rear brakes install cylinders and shoed (have) Brake lines replace with cunifer Gauges install and wire Front turn signals purchase and install Carpet install U joints purchase and install Shocks purchase and install Left front spring install Left sway bar mount straighten Diff and axles inspect and fill/ pack Cooling system replace hoses and fill Wipers and washer Test and fix Scuttle vent clean and prime Dash panel install Fix left rear wing hole Fix grill opening crack Left rear window latch purchase and install Fuel pump rebuild Body prep and paint Wheels replace
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