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Avanti Convertible Side Window Sweeps

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Good news; I think I've found solutions to my quest to replace the window sweeps on my 1988 Avanti Convertible, so I'm passing on these resources to forum members who might need the same.
I found this video by "tuscancmh" on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQdvpEwl2ro
This video covers changing sweeps on a 1989 Caprice bodied Avanti, but procedure and parts are the same for 87-90.
The sweeps fit the Monte Carlo and Caprice platforms.  I've ordered them, but have not rec'd shipment yet.  If there are any problems, I'll let pass it on.
I hope this is helpful should you need it.
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This is posted in the 2001 - 2007 section.   Those bodies are totally different than the 1987 - 1989 bodies that you are discussing.  Perhaps the moderator can move your post or you could delete it and post it in the proper section.    

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That, plus the link is through a middle man for the supplies that you can get 96 or 48" lengths direct from Steele Rubber. 

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