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Brake Drum setup questions

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Im baselining the rear end of the 1970 Avanti I have. I pulled the axles off and having my local shop press in the seals and bearings.

I'd like to refresh the brakes while im there. Im looking at the Wagner Brakes PAB53 shoes and would like to replace the wheel cylinders at the same time. 

What over the counter or online wheel cylinders will work? Thanks in advance. Or is there an entire brake drum assembly replacement that will work?

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You will have a very difficult time finding original rear wheel cylinders for your Avanti.  Also...do not rely on application guides from NAPA or other parts suppliers!  Over the years they have combined parts numbers to reduce inventory and they will tell you the rear wheel cylinders from the Avanti will interchange with the front wheel cylinders from some year Jeeps.  While the wheel cylinders look identical and fit the same...the internal diameters are different.  You install the Jeep wheel cylinders on the rear of your Avanti and the rear brakes will lock up immediately from the increased line pressure.  By adding an adjustable brake pressure differential valve you can get the line pressure balanced but you'll do better to simply order new reproduction wheel cylinders from Myer's Studebaker or one of the other vendors...it fits and operate exactly and no need to pay for the adjustable valve and experiment until you find the appropriate pressure.  

Another option is to have you present wheel cylinders rebuilt by boring them out and sleeving them...but it's simply easier to buy the repops.  

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