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Winshield Installation


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I tried to install a windshield this weekend on a 78. I followed all the advice given in previous posts.  End result I cracked the windshield!

I had the rubber on the glass with 3M bedding compound.  I had the stainless installed and taped down.  I marked the center on the gun-sight both on glass and body. I marked the top center of the glass and frame.  I had the rope installed and 3 other helpers. I added 3M bedding to the window frame.

Everything was going good.  glass was centered, rope was pulling out and rubber was sitting onto the inside flange. The problem was the rubber, on the sides (A Pillar) was rotating and pulling off the glass.  As we used plastic putty knives and pushed and tried to roll the rubber back I guess we pushed a little too hard.  POP.

Any ideas why it would not sit over the flange?  Sorry, no pictures as after it cracked I, i pulled all back out.  ( I think there may have been a few bad words).

Could the it have been the vinyl wrapped around pillar was too thick?  Dan Booth had mentioned to add fiberglass fillers to the A-Pillars but I didn't understand what he meant.

I am trying to find a windshield (in the Chicago area to avoid shipping) to try it again.  I don't know if I can find a auto window installer in the area that would know how to do it any better.

Anybody have any suggestions as to what  I did wrong? things to change before attempting again?

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Hate to hear what happened, as you did your very best to prevent that outcome. I purchased a new windshield for my '71 about a month ago, along with the rubber gasket. While Dan Booth was willing to talk me through the job, I felt it was well above my pay grade. A shop mechanic gave me the name of a professional installer who did the job in my driveway. From start to finish, about three and a half hours and $300. Well worth it IMHO. The only problem was getting the new windshield out of the shipping box. The glass was wrapped in plastic, then they spray foamed up to the top of the box. No damage thanks to the excellent packaging, but a real pain to tear the foam out of the box. 






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Thanks for sharing.  I think I know what my problem was.  Since I am doing the interior myself, I did not leave enough material on the inside of the post for the rubber to sit down on and it was trying to push the rubber back off.  I had glued the vinyl on the door side of the post and pulled it tight around the window flange.

I am removing the material and will now glue it on BOTH side of the flange.  Or maybe only glue it on the inside.

Anybody have any comments about NOT wrapping it around the flange.

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