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Supercharger Fluid?

Tim G

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I checked the fluid in my supercharger this morning as I was doing a little Spring prep work when I noticed the supercharger could use a little fluid.  I haven't needed to add any since I bought the car a couple of years ago, so I honestly do not know what is currently in use.  The supercharger was rebuilt within the past 25 years (there were very few miles put on the car since).

The shop manual says to use Type A ATF, which I can't seem to find locally.  What do you all use?  Is type F OK as a sub or to top off what's already in there?

I tried a bunch of searches but came up dry.

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A way to empty a supercharger, that you do not suspect has any contamination in the fluid, without removing the supercharger is to move the car outside, remove the S/C belt and use a vacuum line in the fill hole to empty it.  (If you forgot to remove the belt first, then remove the S/C and rebuild it.) 

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