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  1. 1964 Studebaker Avanti R2 Supercharged. Automatic transmission, twin traction rear differential. Factory option tinted windshield band and AM/FM radio. Over the past 3 years much work has been done to make this a reliable and safe runner after being in storage for 20 plus years. Odometer shows just under 36,000 miles, 2,500 of which have been put on in the last 2.5 years. Studebaker factory build sheet included and engine, chassis and body numbers match (all original). The "hog troughs" are solid and not rusty. -New brake pads, soft lines, master cylinder and front Bendix disc calipers -New power steering hoses and rebuilt pump and ram -New aluminum radiator with supplemental electric pusher fan (original radiator included in sale) -New Silvertone stainless steel exhaust system -New suspension bushings front and rear including anti-sway bars, new shocks -New interior carpet -New hoses and belts, plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, alternator and battery -Fuel tank was removed, cleaned and etched -Auxiliary electric inline fuel pump (made a big difference on hot starts!) -Rebuilt carburetor, new valve stem seals -Rebuilt/updated tachometer sender -New Halibrand style wheels and Coker/Firestone bias-look radials The supercharger was rebuilt prior to my ownership and seems to work great. The original interior is very clean and the dash pad and headliner are perfect original carpet was just replaced as noted above. As with most Avantis the dash clock does not work (but it looks good!). There is some wear on the driver's side seatback piping and some cuts in the B pillar vinyl cover from someone entering/exiting probably with a ring on. Yardage of matching fawn interior vinyl is included in sale. Engine runs strong and pesky power steering leaks have been nearly eliminated with the new hoses and rebuilt parts. Rare factory AM/FM radio works just fine. The car was repainted in close to the original color 20-30 years ago and has some scratches ad imperfections but overall the car has a great patina and people love it whenever I take it to shows or drive it around town! Original radiator and many other original parts that were replaced (original Bendix calipers, etc.) are also included with the sale, including some original hubcaps (but not original steel wheels). Start, driving and walkaround videos available as well as a whole bunch of photos. Auction is live on Bring a Trailer! 4428_Hood.mp4
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