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Photos from the Avanti Airlift Tribute...


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We had a great day to have the Airlift Tribute event. The Hagerstown Aviation Museum could not have been more helpful in making this day happen. The C-82 was placed outside their hanger with cargo clamshell doors open and ramps in place.

We had a total of eleven Avantis present...and as it turned out...every generation of Avanti was represented. We had a supercharged '63, a couple of '64s, Altman era Avantis, Blake era with rubber bumpers, Kelly era, Caffaro era 4-door and a Kelly era (again) 2002 convertible. The '63 was considered most appropriate for positioning on the cargo ramps as in the original 1962 Airlift.

We had attendees from as far away as California and Colorado, New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana as well as nearby Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Not everyone present had their Avanti with them but it mattered not...we all had a great time.

Avanti Magazine editor Lew Schucart took control of assembling the cars in position and directing the action after a bit of socializing. Following the event most of us went to a group dinner at Nick's Airport Inn. We had more than was originally envisioned for dinner but the restaurant staff adapted quickly and made room for the extra attendees. The food and service was great for such a somewhat loud and raucous group.

After meeting at the passenger terminal at the airport, we all caravanned to the C-82 location.

Here is Greg Cone's supercharged '63 being backed onto the loading ramps...


Here's the car parked as in the original airlift...


Here's the first setup of Avantis with the C-82...


After this the cars were moved around to the front of the C-82...


Here's our indomitable editor Lew getting some up close photos...


The cars were repositioned in tighter in front of the aircraft...




It was a great day...I was able to put faces to the names of those who have posted here for so long. Eleven Avantis...while maybe a small number compared to other marques...was a rare thing for us. I want to thank all who showed up...whether they had an Avanti with them or not...and in no small part...the Hagerstown Aviation Museum. Without their willingness to help and allow us to crawl all over their aircraft it would not have happened at all.

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Great job Gunslinger. I was flying in C-119 Box Cars in the Air Force shortly after the introduction of the Avanti and graduation from high school in June of '62. My first Car was '53 6 cylidar two door with 3 speed over drive. My first Avanti was had in '65 an R2 auto. transition car. Living on the West Coast in Oregon doesn't allow me much partisipation in the majority of AOAI activities. I do make it to some of the coast car shows now with my 63R3453 R1 Avanti # 3 over the years. Was there any representitive from the Avanti Magazine or Turning Weels at the Airport activities. I hope some extended coverage will appear soon. Thanks again for your dedication to our hobby. Great pictures. Gary

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Lew Schucart, the editor of Avanti Magazine was there and took many pics, so expect a write up in the future. As far as the sDC's Turning Wheels...no reps that I'm aware of but someone could certainly send them a write up on it.

I also expect the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) to run a photo story in their web magazine. They were very interested in doing so and I provided them with the information and photos. When it gets posted I'll post a link to it.

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