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An idea for the "Operation Avanti Tribute"...


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I'll be meeting on the 7th with the people from the Hagerstown Aviation Museum to get final details ironed out for the event on the 28th. I should have thought of this before but I happened to think about having some ball caps or patches made up commemorating the event for those participating. I haven't yet checked on costs but would like to put it out for those interested whether they would like caps and/or patches made up...and how much they would pay for such items so I can find out whether it's even feasible.

I'm not looking to make money on this but I think it would be a nice thing for participants to have. I'd be interested in having ball caps and/or patches made for those who participate plus a few extras. I'd like to present one to the gentleman I've been dealing with at the Museum for his assistance in making it happen.

I've dealt with a local graphics business who have done a few things with the Avanti script so that's already in their database. Any artwork commemorating the event would require a setup fee that adds into the cost of product. If there's enough interest I can find out the costs involved depending on the number of hats and/or patches desired.

If anyone is interested please say so and I can see if it can be done economically.

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I wear ball caps all the time......and I'd be proud to wear one honoring 'Operation Avanti Tribute' (although unfortunately I wont be attending)

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