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1963 R2 has been converted to Airconditoning with Factory Vent Plate, Temp Switch and

Rheostat control.. The rheostat switch worked for about a second

Have Not put a meter on it.. Have not  run wires  to look for fuse yet..

I did find a wire that was not connected and wonder if anyone knows what this could be  ?? Looks like a female spade connector end

In the event this switch is dead is there any kind of replacement?  Not sure if Stude International has one.. they are looking


Appreciate thoughts


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On my Avanti with a Factory AC system that was installed after the care was made. I have a in line fuse holder on the power wire to the switches.  I don't remember exactly where it is located.  It blew once when the clutch on the compressor shorted. 

Your wiring to the switches does not look like the factory wiring. 


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I'd think that black female (likely +12) goes to the spade on the thermocouple, since that has to sense the temp which turns on/off the compressor.  The fan switch below may have it's own power source, but it appears that the thermocouple has a short jumper to the white rheostat.

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