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Stewart Warner Tach Sending Units - A puzzlement


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The Tach sending unit on my 1971 Avanti is no longer working. So I began looking for another one. To my amazment, I have not come across any repros. It appears that no one makes Tach Sending units similar to those used by Stewart Warner. Avanti II used them and so did many muscle performance cars in the '60's. But no one makes them. You can get NOS units on Ebay for $200 plus. But there is no guarantee that they will work.

What have you done with your tach sending units when then fail? Is there an equivalent out there that would do the job of a Stewart Warner 990b?

Thanks in advance for any info that you can share.

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I replaced all the gauges on my '70 with Auto Meter gauges...the tach requires no separate sender. There was someone selling rebuilt tach senders (or new circuit boards) that advertised in Avanti Magazine. I don't see the ad in the current issue. Maybe someone will know who it was.

Myer's Studebaker sells a tach sender for '63-'66 Avanti for $65...I don't know it it's the same sender as it's a different tach but was still made by Stewart-Warner. Nostalgic Motors would be another possible source.

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