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63 R2 4 speed


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Gunslinger always beats me to the draw. I can confirm 643. We all understand that 1964 Avantis were produced toward the end of 1963 (and ended then), and may or may not have square head lights and are not of more value worth than 1963s...

However, did you know that there were only 95 four-speed R2s among the 1964s. From what I have seen of sales buyers look for the four- speeds.

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There were 1039 R1 automatics produced as 1963 models. Total R1's was 1408.

Of possible interest there were 1552 R2s and 2/3's were automatic.

There were 2282 1963 R-1 Avantis produced.

1811 Automatic

404 4-Speed

67 3-Speed

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