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Engine Start in Park


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Having that intermitt issue again on my 78 II auto. Nothing happens in PARK when I turn the key.

Have to unlock the steering column and start in Neutral. Is this a STARTER CUT-OUT problem

On the floor mounted area. If so, how bad a job to swap out with a new one I can order

From the Stud Intl catalog for around $90?

Thx, Jerry

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Seeing that the lock-out works in Neutral I think the problem is that the shifter isn't going in to Park all the way. Try adjusting the shifter or the lock-out.

Jim Wood

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On the top of the steering column, just inside the firewall, you will find a plastic switch with 4 wires attached. It is a combination neutral safety switch and back-up light switch. It sounds like the switch is just barely being made in the park position. There are two screws that hold the switch in place, in slots to allow adjustment of the switch. Loosening the screws about 1/2 turn allows the switch to move. Moving the switch very slightly clockwise may be all that it takes to cure your problem. Just make sure that, after adjusting the switch, the engine will start ONLY in P or N, and not in R or D, and will still start in N. It's a fairly delicate setting. Also, check the operation of the back-up lights in R.

There is also an adjustment in the rod that goes from the transmission to the steering column. Lengthening that rod slightly may also cure the problem.

The other possibility is that the switch itself is going bad. You should have the MOPAR steering column, so finding a replacement would involve some research.

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