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New to Avanti Ownership

Tim G

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Hi Folks,

I'm new to the forum and new to avanti ownership.  I just bought a 64 R2 this summer that had been sitting for a very long time.  It's very clean with ~32K on the odometer.  It had been sitting for a very long time so of course once I got it running reasonably well it started leaking quite a bit.  I just pulled the oil pan and replaced the rear main seal...No easy feat!  It seems to be going together pretty well so far and I'm hoping that'll stop the oil leaks so I can move on to the transmission.  I already replaced all the power steering hoses and seals and cleaned/etched the gas tank as well as rebuilding the brakes.  Anything else I should look out for?  The supercharger was rebuilt around 2000 (and then sat for 19 years).



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Since it's been so long for the supercharger being rebuilt...however that term is defined...it should be disassembled again and gone through.  The planetary balls should be mic'd for consistency in size and to make sure the surfaces are smooth and not pitted.  Once reassembled non-synthetic transmission or supercharger fluid should be used...synthetic is actually not good for such designs as the planetary balls will tend to get scuffed from too good lubrication causing them to slide rather than roll.   

Also...the rear axle bearings should be repacked.  That's a manual job and the shop manual gives instructions.  If you don't already have copies of the parts and shop manuals...get them...they're more than worth the cost.

A complete flush and fill of the cooling system is recommended.  Before filling with fresh coolant pressure test the system and the cap also.  New hoses should be in order as well.

Any other issues that come up feel free to ask here.  Welcome to the world of Avantis...one of the most unique, beautiful and frustrating automobiles to own.

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Nice to hear from you, and best of luck with your 'new' Studebaker Avanti!..... Sounds like you've already done some very positive things in making the car roadworthy again....and Gunslinger's suggestions are "right on the money"!

Also, you've purchased a very high serial number Studebaker Avanti, which I believe would have all the running changes (improvements) Studebaker made during the production run......GOOD SHOW!!!.....Ed:)

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