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28 minutes ago, differentdrummer said:

I was doing some under hood clean-up on my Avanti 2, serial number RQA 0048. When I removed the washer bag bracket on the right inner fender, I found a metal plate with "RQ 4580" embossed on it. Does anyone know what this  number represents? 


That is the body number plate.  I believe that your 1965 was bodied with the one of the MFG bodies.  (Someone can correct me if I am incorrect on this.)  

As an aside, I have been trying to get the 1965 models included in the category with the other Avanti IIs, along with several other corrections to this AOAI Forum, for a year.   

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Yes...that would have been a leftover body from the Studebaker contract...supposedly there were about one hundred fifty leftover bodies.  If you look inside your front fender wells you should be able to see the fiberglass filler piece in the wheel arch.  

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