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90 Windshield Replace


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I don't know if it's the same windshield, but if it is, Studebaker International carries them. There's also a vendor who advertises them on Ebay on occasion. If it's not the same windshield I have no idea where to find one outside of a donor car. Hopefully, someone here can say whether it's the same part or not.

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If it is the same as a regular Avanti it is still available from PPG Auto Glass. I purchased a spare about two years ago for less then $250.00. Windshields were the only glass available from them.

Jim Wood

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Found the PPG no. on my friends Marroon 90 Avanti.

Sunshade Solex Duplate, Laminated Safety Float

AS1 25 9 1 2 DOT 18 M30

Were we right, is that the same windshield that is used on all Avanti's?

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