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  1. 1 hour ago, 1inxs said:

    Yes,They took the shielding of to work on the engine and put it in a box in the front seat. Good information on the filler cap. Crap, I looked at 1960 a Studebaker 289 and it could be a match! That would possibly explain the black fan blades instead of the orange Avanti. OK, now if it’s an engine from another Studebaker, I would be more likely to pass on it.

    I really appreciate all of you guys comments and insight!

    While it's quite possible the fan blades were repainted black sometime in the last 60 years, for original engine verification go with a check of the block and head numbers....they don't change.

  2. 23 minutes ago, regnalbob said:

    Yes, I do know the history for the first 24 months and the supercharger was not rebuilt.

    Yes, my Brother's Avanti did have an orange supercharger from the factory.

    Yes, not all superchargers were black from the factory.

    Nicely stated.

  3. You're lucky that both sides didn't break loose.  When I bought my Avanti, the steering wheel round rim was in the trunk and I drove it with just the two spokes for a while until I found a new steering wheel.  I haven't found anyone local willing to weld the rim back onto the spokes, so I'll be interested in responses to your question.

  4. This was years ago but someone made and sold front license brackets that were very useful for an Avanti without the stone guard mounted in the air scoop. I don't remember if it was through the AOAI or SDC it was sold but that's really immaterial. One can make it himself.

    Basically, it's two metal straps with the appropriate bends that attached between the center bumper cushion and the bumper then wraps along the bottom of the bumper itself, then has attached a piano hinge with two tabs for the license plate to bolt to. When your driving the plate hinges back with the airstream so there's no restriction to the radiator. When you stop the license plate swings down and hangs vertically.

    If you get stopped for having no front plate, it's hanging right there once the officer goes and looks at it.

    I had one of these on the '63 I owned many years ago and it worked great. It won't work with a car with the stone guard as I said as the plate hits the stone guard when hinged back.

    I produced those back in the late '70s and early '80s and offered them through AOAI. Sold many internationally. I think I still have a few on a shelf in the garage. The plate holder fit inside the front bumper cavity and attached to the center pad mounting studs. Glad it worked well for you. Always good to get feedback...even 35 years after the sale.


  5. Sounds to me like a couple "drama queens" vying for the most attention.


    You're half right. Eddie likes to feel in charge and challenges anyone who questions him. I have no need for his drama and come here only to post trivia questions and learn from others.


  6. The 'Silent Majority' Dennis!,........... Now, are you going to try to answer the 'WASN'T AVAILABLE' question which I politely asked in post # 8 ?

    I was wondering how long you could "play nice" and it appears a couple weeks is your limit. You speak only for yourself. Sorry if you're having a bad day. See post #12 above.


  7. ....Dennis....please don't revert to your former 'Avanti Forum' self,....We like the 'new' Dennis much better!

    All I'm doing is asking you to clarify a statement you made about the R3 option. I'm eager to learn what you meant. There's no need to get snarky. BTW, when you write, "We like the 'new' Dennis much better!" for whom do you speak when you say "We"?

  8. Wouldn't an even MORE interesting question be.....'What WASN'T available on a Studebaker Avanti if the R3 engine option was ordered'???????? (Think about it!!)

    No, I"ll stick with my original request that you quantify your earlier remark by listing the "more" you referred to in your vague remark. Waiting.....

  9. That's a pricey "crate" engine.

    That's a pricey "crate" engine.

    But, of course, there was more to the R3 option than just the R3 engine itself!

    Since you bring it up, Eddie, feel free to list those things that were in addition to the engine itself. That's what this trivia forum is all about....sharing factual knowledge about the Avanti.


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