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  1. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to add three words to the tip...."with great difficulty". I used two small screwdrivers, one very small and usually used for working on electronics, to pry. An interesting discovery was that my Avanti's factory Line Number was written in marker on the underside of the fiberglass seat bottom which is broken and will be replaced.
  2. Thanks! Any suggestion on removing the original pivot pins from the seats? Do the cap ends pry off or screw off?
  3. After owning my Avanti for almost 50 years, it's time for new upholstery and I have a couple questions. I've removed the old upholstery and padding from the front seats. How do I remove the pivot bolt that that holds the seat back to the seat bottom? Is it threaded or press on? Is there a replacement bushing for the pivot bolt or an aftermarket solution that would work to take the wiggle out of the pivot?
  4. Those red line tires do look good with the Halibrand wheels. Probably one of the more expensive alternatives, Time to go shopping!
  5. My Real Rodders wheels arrived and they're quite nice. Wheels, spinners, lug nuts, tax and shipping worked out to about $300 per wheel, Now have to decide on tires...white wall, black wall, raised white letters, red line, so many choices.
  6. I agree. I just talked to Pat at Real Rodders and the first shipment of wheels, including mine, will go out later this week.
  7. If you have an O'Reilly Auto Parts store nearby, they have the correct 3EE battery for about the same price as a size 51. 'https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/fleet-heavy-duty/super-start-fleet-heavy-duty-battery-group-size-3ee/ssbe/3eej
  8. As others have said, your car, your choice. My R2 was originally white with orange interior. When I bought it in 1975, it was 12 years old and the paint had already been changed from white to red and then to yellow, and finally to green. The interior was also green. All of those colors had made the previous owners briefly happy. I stripped the car of four layers of paint to bare fiberglass and had it painted white. I've had orange upholstery and appropriately colored salt & pepper style carpet in storage for years and 2024 may be the year it gets installed and the Avanti gets a new coat of white paint. Orange upholstery is visually striking and might go well with a grey exterior. I think I'd drape the seats with large orange towels to check out how it looks with grey before having it reupholstered, however. Enjoy your Avanti!
  9. Allow me to give you a nudge.....BLACK!
  10. Sixty year old cars have a lot of stories to tell....or hide. Have fun with the search. I'm sure you'll find the Avanti that's just right for you. Dennis
  11. I think I'd keep looking. Yes, it's an Avanti and that's what you want. But, it's been significantly modified with color changes inside and out. Maybe that's OK, or maybe it's lipstick on a pig. If you decide to go with this one have it checked out mechanically and structurally (frame, hog troughs, signs of crash damage). There are always Avantis for sale, so I'd keep looking for one that hadn't been so cosmetically modified.
  12. Rewelding the spokes to the metal rim core requires a significant removal of the steering wheel plastic. Rebuilding/restoring and color matching the "wood grained" plastic is more difficult on the later style wheel than rebuilding the rim on an earlier Avanti. Good luck!
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