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  1. Anyone looking for one today can click on this link: https://vwparts.aircooled.net/Do-Not-Lower-Windows-In-Excess-of-120-MPH-Sticker-p/120-mph-sticker.htm A bargain at $2.95.
  2. Although the Avanti rear glass was known to blow out, Studebaker revised the trim securing the rear window and all was good. I remember seeing those stickers at checkout counters in auto parts stores. They could be added to any car, even those incapable of getting close to 120 MPH.
  3. psdenno

    Stu-v R3

    Seeing that STU-V catalog brings back some memories. Back in the 1970s, I bought a pair of stock steel wheels from STU-V to replace the mags that came on the front of my Avanti when I bought it. The Studebaker wheels came with tires mounted and a condition of the sale was I had to give the tires back after I had my new tires mounted. That was because the wheels and tires had come from an Avanti that the Granatellis had run on the salt flats.
  4. It's a very nice dealer item to have and prices have gone up quite a bit in recent years. I had the opportunity to have Tom Kellogg sign mine.
  5. This article may add to the confusion.... https://www.studebaker-info.org/AVDB1/R4000/the1964avanti.html
  6. Here's another Avanti video to add to your collection.
  7. According the the Service Letter, the problem can be caused by improper adjustment of the wiper linkage.
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