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  1. Jeff-

    I think the easiest way to get brake drums is to call Nostalgic Motors (800-Avanti-X) and order them. I do not think there is an "off the shelf" replacement, at least I was never able to find one. I know of some other brake drums that will work but they require machining, spacers, etc. New ones are expensive, but you'll probably never have to replace them again! The shoes are easier to find; they're a Wagner #228 which was used in many other applications.

  2. Ray-

    1. This does not seem normal; you should be able to turn the wheels by hand. It sounds like the brakes are dragging.

    2. I do believe that Studebaker did offer a 4.10 gearset, along with 3.73. 3.55. 3.31 and 3.08 (I think) but I don't recall a 3.42.

    3. Not sure how to identify the axle as a "Studebaker" axle, but the shape of the differential cover can at least identify it as a Dana axle. (Studebaker used axles made by Dana)

    4. I don't think you can see enough through the oil fill plug to identify it a TT. But, if you can get the wheels freed, if you turn one wheel by hand (with both wheels off of the ground) and the other wheel turns in the opposit direction, you have an open diff. If the other wheel turns in the same direction, you have a TT.

  3. Jeff-

    The tune-up settings for a '72 400" engine are: timing at 6 deg BTDC (set with vacuum advance disconnected) at 600 rpm (auto trans) or 900 rpm (manual trans) . If you're still using points they should be set with a .016" gap and 29-31 deg. dwell. The specs for your '74 may be slightly different, but this should get you into the ballpark until your shop manual arrives.

  4. Look for a '74 Chevy shop manual. The 400 motor was used (I believe) in the Caprice, Impala, and Monte Carlo, so any manual covering those should have what you're looking for. You can usually find these at swap meets.

  5. I used a center brake light assembly from a Porsche 944 on my Avanti; it fits nicely at the top of the rear window and it looks good. If you don't want to search salvage yards for one new ones are available; here's a link to a vendor:


    Instead of wiring in a logic module, you can just wire the center brake light directly to the brake light switch. This will allow it to function with the brakes and hazzard flashers, but not with the turn signal.

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