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  1. Luckily I was able to get the VIN issue sorted out fairly easily after making a vehicle inspection appointment with the DMV. I explained the situation to the officer there, and after looking the car over for a few minutes he gave me a form validating the serial #. Then, it was off to the emissions test station, where of course, my car failed....but just barely. Time for some tune-up work and then a re-test. 

  2. Yes, the lack of a 17-digit VIN is the problem. The DMV people keep expecting to find it on the left lower corner of the dashboard, and when they don't see it they think the car has been tampered with. So far the situation had been a little time consuming if not somewhat amusing. Because the car is from another State, Arizona will not allow it to be titled and registered (in Maricopa County) unless it has passed a state emissions test. The emissions test station will not perform the test without documentation, (such as a valid AZ title) from the DMV that the serial number is the accepted VIN. They will not accept any of my documentation from Illinois.  I have an appointment scheduled at another DMV facility for a "level 2"  vehicle inspection to try to sort the mess out. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  3. I've recently relocated my 1972 Avanti II from Illinois to Arizona. I'm trying to get it titled and registered in Arizona and have run into some difficulty. The AZ dept of motor vehicles so far will not accept the RQB serial number as a VIN number. I have another appointment scheduled for Friday to appeal the situation. Has anyone else run into this problem  and how did you resolve it?

  4. I remember the fiberglass hog trough being sold in the 1990's, and on display at the International meet in South Bend. From what I recall they were well made and quite sturdy, and the vendor had his Avanti parked on top of a pair of them to demonstrate their strength. I think they had metal brackets within them for attaching the roll bar to the frame. Had I not replaced my hog troughs a few years prior to seeing these, I would've bought these instead. 

  5. I just did this very project on my Avanti last year. To answer your questions:

    1.   What type of posi (brand) did you use? I used a Detroit Twin-Trac, but you could also use an Auburn or Dana unit. 

    2.  What issues did you incur, installation, operation, performance? None really, just follow the instructions in the Avanti shop manual or a Dana axle manual, and the instructions that come with whatever limited slip unit you decide to use. If you're doing this yourself you will need an arbor press and the case spreader. In addition, if you're going to re-use your gearset, check and photograph the gear pattern before you disassemble things; this will be your target when you do the set-up. 

    3.   What was the cost of the unit? $422 from Summit Racing

    4.  Also, the rear axle bearing retainer on RQB1600 is welded to the axle. Is this normal, or did someone in the past do this to prevent the axle from coming out of the housing? No, it should not be welded. 

    In addition, you may want to replace all of the seals and bearings if you're going this far. If your old carrier bearings aren't too bad you can enlarge the the bores on them slightly and use them as set-up bearings for the carrier. I hope this helps. You can find a lot of information on -line at the Dana-Spicer website and on you-tube. 


  6. You can remove the gear selector assembly from inside the car. Remove the ashtray and the console trim around the shifter. There are two horizontal screws inside the ashtray bezel that need to come out. Once the trim piece is off you will see some large screws holding the gear selector to the console. Remove those and you should be able to pull the selector assembly up a bit and see the wiring underneath it. But before you do all of this make sure the fuse is ok.

  7. I am trying to determine what the correct power steering pump bracket would be for my '72 Avanti. The original bracket broke many years ago, and I replaced it with a "universal" aftermarket one that doesn't fit great. I'm guessing that I need to find a bracket from a '60's-'70's Chevrolet, but which one? I already know it's not a Corvette - I tried it and it does not fit. If anyone knows the answer or could post some pictures of theirs I would appreciate it. By the way, this is a set-up with a short waterpump, and the power steering pump is driven from a single belt to the forward groove of the 3-groove crankshaft pulley.


  8. So I'm at a cruise night last night, and this guy and gal are checking out my Avanti II.

    "Nice car"

    "Thanks" I said. "Do you have any questions about it"

    "yeah" says the guy. "Is this a real one?"

    "They're all real" I said with a laugh.

    "No, I mean is this a kit one that's built on a Volkswagen chassis?" he says.

    "Umm, there never was a Kit Avanti; they were all factory produced. And if had been a kit it certainly wouldn't work well on a Volkswagen chassis with a V8 engine in the front" I said.

    "No you're wrong" the guy says. "My Uncle has one in his garage".

    "Have him bring out next month" I told the guy as he walked away.

    I have no idea what kit car he had it confused with .

  9. Several years ago I also wanted to purchase a 4-post lift. The American manufactures I talked to wanted the money up-front, and then there was a several week wait while they built it, and another wait for shipping. I did a bit of research and discovered that some of these companies had unfavorable ratings with the BBB. A few of them are no longer around or they are operating under a new name. Not wanting to part with a lot of money with no guarantee of a product, I decided to look for a used lift instead, and eventually found one not too far away on Craigslist. I found an older model BackyardBuddy lift for much less than the cost of a new one, and I got to see it operate before I bought it and inspect it to make sure nothing was missing, broken, etc. It also came with some of the accessories you'll pay extra for when you buy a new one.

  10. Thanks to all of you for your information and suggestions. Avanti83 I really like your idea of boring out the old carrier bearings to use as set-up bearings; that should save some time on the assembling process. I have downloaded a Dana 44 manual from the spicer website, and I have my eye on a case spreader. Hopefully things will go smoothly.

    Adam DeRosa

  11. I'm looking into overhauling the rear axle on my '72 Avanti over the Winter (Dana 44, flanged axles). I have some questions:

    1. Does anyone know of a good source of parts for these including bearings, shims, seals, etc?

    2. If I order parts from a non-Studebaker/Avanti vendor, is there a more common application that I can reference? I know that the Dana 44 was used in many vehicles but I'm not sure what would be closest to the Avanti II.

    3. I currently have an open rear end and would like to convert it to a Twin-Traction. Does anyone have an opinion on or advice on this? I know that posi units are available from Auburn Gear, Detroit, and others.

    Thanks for your help!

  12. The MCACN (Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals) show is going on this weekend (Nov 22-23) in the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. There are 4 Avantis there; pretty impresssive for a national muscle car show. On display is an R1 owened by Rick Shafer, an R2 and R3 owend by Ed George, and a '73 Avanti II owned by Steve Kolish. Ted Harbit's and Eric DeRosa (my brother) have their '63 R2 Larks there, and Nelson Bove has his '64 R3 Lark as well. This is a fantastic show that has a great representation of muscle cars besides '69 Camaros. If you have a chance to check it out, go!


  13. Boogieman you've been quite busy with this car! When I rebuilt the suspension on my Avanti I used the Moog CC655 springs on the front and the flex-form composite leaf springs on the rear, along with KYB Gas-A-Just shocks. I also installed the larger front and rear stabilizer bars from the '84 Avanti, and used the Delrin bushings on the front suspension. The car rides and handles very well now.

  14. Many years ago I installed the center rear brake light from a Porsche 944 on my Avanti. This light installs on the inside of the rear window at the top. It's held on with double-sided tape and it fits very well. It looks like it's supposed to be there. These should still be available from Porsche parts suppliers or wrecking yards.

  15. Hi gang,

    I need to replace the star-wheel adjusters on my rear drum brakes. After 41 years and who know how many miles the teeth are worn down. Does anyone know if there is commonly available replacement part for these? They look like they should be common with many other cars so I'm just wondering if someone has already figured this out. This is for a '72 Avanti with the Bendix duo-servo self-adjusting brakes.



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