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  1. Avanti Owners Association International 2024 Detroit Convention registration links follow:

    Online meet registration


    Meet info and schedule


    Driving tours


    The link to reserve a room at the host hotel is in the Meet Info and schedule page and also on the registration page, as it's a long URL address - best to link the hotel room reservation from either of the two pages above.


  2. See following link to register for AOAI 2024 Detroit host hotel:


    Please see attached file to register for AOAI 2024 Detroit International Convention.

    Of interest: Yes, it IS true - there's more to see and do in Detroit than attending the AOAI convention. Come early, stay late - the AOAI host hotel rates are good for up to two days before our convention and two days after our convention. Need a list?

    • Greenfield Village
    • Henry Ford Museum
    • Dearborn Truck Plant
    • Ford Piquette Plant (home of Studebaker manufacturing from 1911-1933)
    • Motown Museum
    • Stahl's Automotive Museum
    • Nostalgic Motor Cars (Dan Booth)
    • Roush Collection
    • Lingenfelter Performance Engineering
    • Factory One - Birthplace of GM (Flint, MI)
    • Gilmore Museum (Hickory Corners, MI)
    • Preston Tucker Home (Ypsilanti, MI)
    • Packard Proving Grounds....and lots more!!!

    Look for details in Avanti Magazine, issue 204!



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