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  1. Thanks to all - more comments welcome!
  2. The AT in my new-to-me '63 R2 is sick - suspect a rebuild is needed. What's availability of parts for a rebuild?
  3. I've got the same issue...inconvenient to get into car now - will look for further posts on this. Thanks.
  4. Thank you and no thank you, Gunslinger - I seek original. Why? ...because.
  5. Looking for - how would one say? - a "Driver Quality" Studebaker jack and jack handle. ...hope to never need them but one never knows!! Thanks, BillyBob
  6. Have you tried Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors?
  7. OK - got it on check valve. ??...how is NAPA p/n NBB5473603 for direct replacement ??
  8. Looking for power brake booster check valve. Parts manual indicates p/n: 1156983. Source, please. While I'm in the neighborhood, where to go for a rebuild of the power brake booster? Thanks.
  9. Thanks - why didn't I think to look in the workshop manual???
  10. A while back I saw a descriptive for removing the dash panel - as I recall, with experience, it mentioned needing about 45 minutes to remove it. Who might have a description for removal of a 1963 R1 with a/c instrument (dash) panel? Many thanks, Bill
  11. Tom, many thanks - I appreciate your sharing the experience, Bill.
  12. I'm looking at adding disc brakes on the rear of my 1963 R1, standard shift. What to watch for?
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