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  1. John, I had the receiver dryer completely redone by the ORIGINAL AIR GROUP,  5133 W. Idlewild Avenue  Tampa Florida 33634

    phone is 813- 259 7688    OA@classicautoair.com    The entire bill was only $130.  The only problem is they are very very busy and I had to wait 6 months for an opening. Once they contacted me by email, the turn around time as about 45 days. The receiver dryer came back like NOS.

    They do all models and systems for our cars and all others.


  2. Quote

    congrats on your taste for Avanti's. Gunslinger is a world of information as is Studegary. I have restored a 73 Avanti II and currently have a 64 R2. There are a number of cars out there, You really have to be careful on any purchase as repairs get expensive very very very fast. A huge resource is Dave Thibeault aka studedave@aol.com or  house phone 978-897-3158. It is worth a call to speak with him; Janet is his wife, as Dave often knows of cars that are sound for sale. I know as I have purchased through him a 64 R1 SuperHawk; 1 owner car.  Good luck, enjoy and be careful. Use many of the members for advice or suggestions.



  3. Members, who is suggested to rebuild the calipers on my 64 R2?  One caliper just started leaking and it is time to have both sides rebuilt. Please advise who is satisfied with whomever did work for them.

    thanks in advance



  4. Billy, regarding the dash pad from Dan Booth, is that the material type that adhere on top of the original dash that was molded plastic?  Im just curious as years ago when I had an Avanti II and the original dash was cracked on top, I bought a black carped type pad that used velcro to secure it to the top of the dash

    thanks,  just an inquiry


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