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  1. very nice, thanks so much for all the pictures and information. Greatly appreciated. mark
  2. call Dave Thibeault or email studedave@aol.com he does NOT text 978-897-3158 Mark
  3. MFG, I agree with you about Dave Thibeault, great guy, smart and has helped me for years. Mark
  4. best health in 2021 and of course works for the car. Just my feeling about the Turner system, I converted my 73Avanti II to the Turner system. After the expenses involved, I did not really feel any difference.
  5. MARK

    Toll Avanti

    Toll Brothers has a few high end developments in NJ too. No need for me to move as I have a 3 car garage and a lift for both Studebakers Mark
  6. years ago I did the same from S.I. a few months ago I sent my R1 & R2 to Dave Thibeault for rebuild, perfect perfect perfect Mark
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