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  1. In NJ there is a shop full of parts for many models. I had my starter and alternator serviced from this shop. Quick, clean and reliable. very fairy priced too. CENTRAL JERSEY STARTER & ALERNATOR INC7 1-800-675-3128 OR 732-727-4486 1089 Route 35, Morgan N.J. 08879 Mark
  2. MFG, I recently had my radiator recored by Dave Thibeault after my radiator fan committed suicide and went through my Avanti hood; but not before it ate up the radiator, hoses, belts and all pulleys. The work completed is perfect and vey neat. Without a doubt, I also suggest Dave T. Hey there gunslinger, how is AZ? Mark
  3. Leo B. Again to be redundant, thank you so much again. I got the repaired heater core back from Dave Thibeault with a new motor for the fan; after 60 years why not, and new hoses. My pal ed jones came over to help me assemble everything an check out. Your instructions were perfect for removal and also reading backwards, reassembly. I really appreciated your assistance. The Avanti & Studebaker Forums are just an amazing source of information and cooperation. Mark
  4. my go to answer guy is Dave thibeault
  5. Leo B, I want to thank you very much again. I did gather tools and some cardboard and after about 2 hours was able to fully remove all parts and see the leak from the heater core. As others have written, I am amazed with the amount of dirt within the system. I am mailing out the heater core tomorrow to dave thibeault and decided to order a new motor too as there was squealing . Yes I ordered a gasket kit too. So, Leo, I am very appreciative. The excitement will be to reassemble. Mark
  6. Leo B, thank you very much. I am very appreciative for your time and information. Yes this will make the process much easier and I will again use Dan Booth for some parts. Mark
  7. Has anyone removed the heater box in the Avanti to get to the heater core? thanks, Mark
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