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  1. I replaced my fan and shroud with a FORD MUSTANG Flex-A-Lite Black Magic Xtreme Series Electric Fans 105401. Perfect width and was about an inch short. Good luck, Jim Wood
  2. Go to the home page and join. Magazine comes with membership. Good luck, Jim Wood
  3. Seconded by a 45 year professional mechanic. Good luck, Jim Wood
  4. I highly recommend a Power Probe for testing car electrical. https://www.amazon.com/Power-Probe-III-Clamshell-Automotive/dp/B00G4YUWMC/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&hvadid=77859221684039&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=power+probe&qid=1610479502&sr=8-7&tag=mh0b-20 Can save a lot of time and headaches. You can test for power and grounds and supply both power and ground. Great for testing circuits or an electrical device, especially on a fiberglass vehicle. Good luck, Jim Wood
  5. On your 88 it would be between the wiper motor and the wiper fluid tank. But from pictures of another 89 it looks like they changed it. They may have used the Caprice firewall plug. It would be two piece with a bolt in the center that clamps the outer and inner pug connectors together through the firewall. Good luck, Jim Wood
  6. My 87 Coupe has 3 wires supplying power to the fuse block, sounds like one of them is dead. Check at the firewall plug connector, for power on both sides. Good luck, Jim Wood
  7. My 87 Coupe has 3 wires supplying power to the fuse block, sounds like one of them is dead. Check at the firewall plug connector, for power on both sides. Good luck, Jim Wood
  8. 1981 Chevy Truck C 10 1/2 Ton Pickup 2WD V8-305 5.0L VIN F 4-bbl A.I.R. Check valve OEM# 22048212 / AC Delco 214-419 $40.00 Catalytic Converter OEM # 8998685 / MagnaFlow 94006 $80.00 I've removed my AIR Injection system and it doesn't set any codes, I doubt that a leaking air valve would cause a code. Early emissions systems don't have a long code list. If you do remove the AIR check valve, ONLY TURN THE VALVE!!! The nut on the tubing that goes into the bottom of the valve is welded to the tubing. Turning it will bend and break the tubing. Only one O2 sensor to control carburetor, nothing monitoring exhaust tailpipe gases. Do they test tailpipe emissions in Australia ? I would fix whatever is setting the Engine light code(s), weld in an aftermarket converter and see if it passes. Most of the codes that I've seen in these older systems are vacuum line related. Old, cracked and missing. Good luck, Jim Wood
  9. Its an OBDI system, there is a way to get the codes by crossing contacts and reading the flashes from the Check Engine Light. May be hard to do with the engine out of the car. I'll get you some OEM or AC Delco part #'s to cross. Good luck, Jim Wood
  10. What is the reason for replacement? The valve is metal inside, if it was bad hot exhaust gas would travel into the hoses and damage them. Good luck, Jim Wood
  11. I find it interesting that you assume it hasn't been done in the past. I have also offered you the diagrams that you want for free, even through it costs me. Don't know what else can be done. Good luck, Jim Wood
  12. Did the engine shut off OR did the ignition power shut off? If it was the engine then the dash warning lights would have come on. The same as when you turn the ignition switch on to start the engine. If the dash warning lights go dead when the engine dies it is probably a problem with the power to the ignition switch. I had the same problem with my Avanti, old corroded wiring to the ignition switch. A connector plug was heating up and would cause resistance. Good luck, Jim Wood
  13. My 1987 Avanti Coupe uses the Monte Carlo chassis with the 305ci HO engine. I remember test driving a mid-70's Avanti with a 400ci small block and a 2bbl carb years ago. Good luck, Jim Wood
  14. AC Delco # 214-1045 Secondary Air Injection Check Valve. One way check valve that allows air from the air pump to the exhaust manifolds, but not the other way. Used to supply additional air into the converter when cold to bring the converter up to temperature faster. They are usually rusted to the air pipe and are a pain to get off without damaging the pipe. If your taking off the air pump, just remove the air pipes to the exhaust manifolds and use steel or brass plugs to seal the holes in the manifolds. Good luck, Jim Wood
  15. Factory diagrams are copyrighted. European makes must not care if you use their materials. Pinout for which year Avanti? Both fuel pump and TBI could be GM vehicle specific. Bosch style relay, will have diagram on relay. God only knows where Avanti placed it. Lights are part of the Avanti harness on my 1987 Avanti. I have the 1987 diagrams, don’t know if they are the same. Let me know what you need and I will try to get it. Good luck, Jim Wood
  16. I have my garage signed up to Alldata, I can get pretty much any factory wiring diagram, US or foreign. If Alldata doesn't have them on-line I can get them from their library. I needed a wiring diagram for a 1942 Plymonth about a year ago, they faxed it right over. Good luck, Jim Wood
  17. The Chevrolet based Avanti used part of the Chevrolet harness and part of the Avanti harness wired together. I have access to both Chevrolet wiring diagrams and the 1987 Avanti wiring diagram. What are you needing? You can also order the Chevrolet Service Manual for your K30, it will have the wiring diagram in it. https://www.factoryrepairmanuals.com/search.php?search_query="ST33086-GU"%2C"ST33386VG"%2C"ST33086WDG"%2C"ST33086-RP"&ymmq=yr_1986~mk_chevrolet~th_k20&section=product Just remember that US made cars use Angry Pixies and Magic Smoke in their wiring diagrams. Good luck, Jim Wood
  18. Spray bottles (Like Windex spray bottles) use low pressure to draw the fluid up the tube from the bottom of the bottle. If the pump is bad or the inner tube is loose no fluid will get to the one-way valve to be sprayed out. Just like sucking on a hose to start siphoning gas from a fuel tank. If you ever got a mouth full of gas while stealing borrowing some gas late at night, that was low pressure, not expansion or evaporation that started the flow. Good luck, Jim Wood
  19. I have a 1 gal. can of acetone and 4 spray bottles of mixed sitting in a 60 degree shop under LED shop lights, I don't recall any pressure build up in any container. I have siphoned fuel from vehicles and used shop air to pressure prime big diesels so I have a small amount of knowledge on the difference. Oh, I didn't mention that the spray bottles will continue to leak until the sides collapse inward from vacuum. My point being, like I tell my mechanics is to keep the damn nozzle closed and stop making a mess. Good luck, Jim Wood
  20. Fuel pressure for the 1989 Chevrolet Caprice is 9-13 psi, The fuel pump relay is mounted on the Electronic Spark Control Module with the In-Line fuse mounted nearby. I pulled my fuel tank and installed a high pressure fuel pump for my TPI system, it was a major pain. Since this is a low pressure fuel system you may want to install a pump on the frame and wire it in to the OEM controls. This would save a LOT of work. Good luck, Jim Wood
  21. I would think that the square bezels with the round headlight buckets would bolt in. If you want the original round 1963 headlights you would have to replace the body and buckets. Good luck, Jim Wood
  22. If this is a TBI engine I would test the fuel pressure at the test port. If low, remove fuel cap and listen while someone turns the ignition key on. You should hear the pump running for 3 seconds, then it will shut off. If you don' hear the pump try tapping on the fuel tank with a rubber mallet then repeat listening for the pump noise. If this loosens the pump up it will need to be replaced. If you still don't get any fuel pressure then test the wiring, studegary mentions the safety switch, there is also a fuel pump fuse and a fuel pump relay. The fuel pump is controlled by the ECM, as are the injectors. Fuel pressure problems will not set an engine code. The fuel pump is also wired into the oil pressue sensor, no oil pressure, no fuel. Good luck, Jim Wood
  23. OEM VIN# will greatly help with engine and emission parts ordering or performance upgrades. Same with suspension, steering, brakes and drive train. Here is more info on finding your Chevrolet VIN# https://www.montecarloss.com/VIN.html Good luck, Jim Wood
  24. Good job! Very unusual for that type of spark plug to break like that. Good luck, Jim Wood
  25. If you set it on the bench with the nozzle open you will come back to a large puddle under your spray bottle. All of my mechanics in my shop have cleaned up enough of these messes to know. Good luck, Jim Wood
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