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  1. Leo B

    Hi Mark,
    Is it possible to you to send the Reservoir Tank to Finland?

  2. Leo B

    Hi Adam,

    I have wrote Forum ealier that I need and ready to buy Carter Carburetor. AFB-3507S, 3588S or 3725S for my Avanti R2.

    Do you have a price for 3507S?
    Do you send to Finland?

    Kind Regards Leo Belik leo@belik.fi

  3. Hi again.
    Here you see close photo captured from the film. I have edited the photo making tank more visible.
    To me looks also slimmer that later versions. Original first version tank or not. Who knows.🤔close-tank-museum.jpg.c8ec404b2122f0b3dd781bd697b3217a.jpg

  4. Thank you Dwight. I red from SDC Forum your text.👍
    More about tank position...
    Noticed that museum version is not turned (like mine perhaps) because cap is rear side. If you turned the top, cap will be front (like mine). Museum version shape loks also different.970343375_Nayttokuva2021-9-23kello17_34_19.png.5e5175e3bae50aff26399e6642f197ca.png
    Top of my tank are letters PRMCO
    First picture is captured from Youtube Museum film. One mine and one "correct" one.

    KR Leo Belik (Leo B)



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