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  1. Okay update to the above:  I got it open, I guess the giant slot is what folks mean, and some kind of king kong screwdriver would trip the lever.  BUT now that I got it open and tested it out, i'm not sure what is wrong.  It unlatches great when nothing is in it.  Also, if I unlatch it and someone pulls up on the trunk at the same time it opens fine.  So... is there supposed to be some upward spring pressure?  (there isn't as far as I can tell)  thats all I can figure.  the hinges are spring loaded scissor type things, and they hold the trunk up great.  But as soon as you start closing, it falls like dead weight.  there is no upward spring action at the closing position.  Its a frustrating thing to try and diagnose without being a gnome who can sit in the closed trunk.  Any advice here?  thanks again.


  2. Hey folks.

    Does anyone have a photo of this "slot" thats supposed to be on the mechanism to manually open the trunk from the inside?  I have poked around the whole mechanism and failed to fit a screwdriver anywhere that turns.  I'm not generally stupid, but I'm stumped.  My electric release was working fine, and then stopped working.  it makes a sound, but does not unlatch.  something is stuck or not fully engaged.  I'm trying to get the screwdriver thing to work and feeling like an idiot.


  3. Hi Wayne and Ed.  thanks!

    I checked that cougar site, and it seems to be for ASC sunroofs.  Are you saying the weather-stripping is the same for the ASC as for the Skytops?

    That Bob Johnson article is the same one I'm looking at!  Mine is clearly separated from the roof, so thats one issue, and it drains into the cabin on the driver side by the door, as if the drain tube is disconnected or broken or?  Not sure how to get to the drain tube itself to check it.

    ALSO: related question, per the article above, it seems JB Weld was the go-to adhesive, but this was all a couple of decades ago, so wondering if that is still the case, or if there are any newer better adhesives to consider?  Since this seems to be a common failure.

    Wayne, you said you emailed me some material, but it has not arrived. 😞  Javier@Cinefont.com 

  4. Hi folks.  

    Brand new Avanti owner here.  Just got an 81 yesterday, and have 2 first orders of business:

    - no gas cap.  I have heard that there are inexpensive Stant and NAPA ones for later Avanti's, but not sure if they are year or engine specific.  Mine has the regular 305 engine.  Any 81 owners with advice on gas caps?

    - i did not intend on getting one with a retractable sun roof, but I did.  and of course it leaks like an indoor waterfall.  Before I start tearing into it, does anyone have advice/source on replacement seals for this?  i've heard that leaks are common.  The motor seems to work fine.

    - Oh, and if there is any advice on car covers, I'm in the market for one immediately until some miracle makes room in the garage.

    I intend on having many questions as the year goes on!  Hi everybody.

  5. Hi Anthony.

    I sent an email to you a few weeks ago wondering if this car is still around and if you could send more photos and info?  Is this car currently a daily driver condition?  has there been any additional work since this posting in July?  I'm interested if its still around.  Thanks!  Javier@CineFont.com

  6. On 10/18/2014 at 11:56 PM, 1963r2 said:


    Can anyone on this thread elaborate on the benefit of swapping out the R2 airbox for the R3 one?  What does it do to performance, fuel economy, etc if everything else stays the same?  I have a lead on buying a car that has this conversion and was a bit perplexed if it was even a good idea.

  7. This is an ancient thread, so not sure if anyone will still be on here, but I'm curious about the performance of the R2 engine without the supercharger.  I've seen a few 64's or late 63's where the supercharger was removed to install AC, and I'm wondering is this a better or worse engine than just an R1.  Anyone have any thoughts?  This is all as part of my enduring quest to find the right one.  🙂

  8. I am really interested in this topic as I live in Texas and am looking to get an Avanti to actually drive, so top notch AC is essential.  Can someone answer a real basic question about installing aftermarket AC?  I understand that none of the R2's came with factory air, and I would love to know if that is a space or design constraint from the supercharger that makes adding aftermarket AC difficult or impossible as well?  I've asked this elsewhere and gotten no replies.  Related to that, does the R2 engine generate more heat to begin with?

    Also, would folks here recommend the Vintage Air components?  Or are there other brands that are better for this purpose?  

    Any and all advice on this is welcome!


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