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  1. On 7/31/2021 at 4:09 PM, Gunslinger said:

    It's been a long time since I looked under the hood of an Avanti (sold all mine a couple of years ago)...but I would look and see if the reservoir sits in a saddle or bracket.  If it doesn't, then I would use a flashlight and look up under the dash and see if there's a nylon bolt sticking through and held down with a nylon nut or something similar.  There could be a nylon stud molded into the reservoir.

    The best advice I can give is to call Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors and ask him...he would know for sure and likely have a replacement.

    Yes, I found two bolts under the dash.  One is  relatively easy, near the fuse box, but the other one is a bitch, sitting over the steering column.  Got it out, but heaven knows how I get it back in without magic.


  2. At some point in the past few weeks, as i was working on my passenger window I came across a reference to a drainage opening at the bottom of the door.  I forgot where I saw it, but as far as i can tell, i have no such drain hole.  Can anyone give a hint as to where it *should* be?  My door wound up with about 2 inches of water pooling inside the door so clearly its either missing or totally blocked or something.   The 63/64 manual doesnt mention any door drainage AFAIK.  Mine is an 81 but the door panels seem identical, yes?   If there isn't a drain hole, should i just drill one, and if so, is there a best practice placement?  Thanks for any advice.


  3. Hi everyone again.

    Under the dash of my 81 on the left, in front of the fuse panel, is a 5 wire connector just sitting there.   It says something like "PED PACK CON II " on it, but I think thats just the name of the electrical connector.  It is screwed in place, not just dangling, so seems like a factory connection.  What is it?  Is it for the 305's engine computer?  Is it a diagnostic output?  Images below.



  4. for an 81, any wiper recommendations?  I know there is a Trico 15" Classic that is supposed to work, but looks fairly low-rent.  I'm willing to be a little non-canonical if it means seeing better in the rain.  Trico also makes a metal finish 15" called the HD which looks a bit better.  Can I use any 15" blade or do I have to use the classic profile?  What do y'all use?


  5. On 12/10/2007 at 5:06 PM, Gunslinger said:

    MikeValent is correct...Nostalgic Motors has the washer reservoir you need. They also have the coolant tank as well, though you can probably find an identical unit at Pep Boys, Auto Zone, NAPA as well.

    The a/c compressor should be easily sourced from most auto supply stores. They may require your old compressor in trade. You'll need to add a new receiver/dryer as well...it standard procedure anytime you open up your a/c system.

    Hi Gunslinger.  Came across your post because my 81 has a leak in the wiper fluid reservoir and I was looking at removing it to see if it can be fixed, but don't see how it is attached.  Are you familiar with what holds it down and how to access that?  I hesitate to just pull until i know better.  are there clips or anything to undo and where?  any advice welcome.  Even if i have to replace it with the nostalgic part, i still have to get it off 🙂


  6. Hi Guys.

    The latest discovery is that my washer fluid reservoir has a crack and leak on one of the bottom corners.  I can probably fix it, but not sure how to remove the tank.  Clearly the plastic is old and I don't want to destroy it in the process if i can help it.  I dont see any obvious way it is held down so maybe it just pops in and out of some pressure mount holes, but i dont want to pull until i know for sure there isnt anything else holding it down or some underbody pin or clamp I have to undo that I don't see.

    Any advice?  And also, if it proves to be unworthy of repair, recommendations on replacement tank vendors?  thanks in advance.

    UNRELATED UPDATE:  The Quadrajet now idles and the car legit drives without stalling!  Woot!


  7. On 5/27/2021 at 9:30 PM, 1inxs said:

    I believe the trunk seal will give enough trunk lift when the trunk release is activated if it’s adjusted properly (slightly snug) and the seal is not hard

    Hey so I've seen some people complain that some replacement trunk seals are too stiff.  any recommendations?  i've seen a few at various prices but not sure which supplier might be the best?  





  8. 23 hours ago, 1inxs said:


    Is your Avanti not drivable? As I stated in my last post, “any good locksmith can make you door keys”.  The lock cylinder does not need to be removed for the to make a key. Just the car and a proof of ownership.

    The car is currently only "semi-drivable" in that it stalls at slow speeds, and I'm working on it.  Getting locked out of it in the process is worrisome, but I'm just leaving the front quarter glass jimmied open right now.  There are a host of little jobs on the list that have to be done in a certain order.  In any event if I could get the car to a locksmith I wouldnt have any problem at all.  Its just a little vexing that the documentation wouldnt contain the door codes.  Anyway, no biggie, moving on.

  9. On 5/27/2021 at 10:38 AM, R2W55 said:

    there is an article in the latest issue of the Avanti magazine about sunroof repair

    Hey thats great!  But as a noob here, how do I access the magazine?  I paid my membership, which I thought included access to the magazine, but how do I bypass the paywall of the JooMag popup?  It keeps asking me to subscribe and pay for the magazine.  😞


  10. So, an update on the keys.  The ignition key is a Chrysler Key, and the key codes provided a perfect fit.  The "Trunk Key" code made me another Glove Box key (which I now have 3 of).  Neither of the codes is for the doors.  😞   WHY did they think the glove box code was more important than the door code?  So I have to pull a lock I guess.  A next month project.  stay tuned.

  11. For anyone in the future interested:  the HIA antenna is short for HARADA INDUSTRIES OF AMERICA, which still exists.  They also supplied power antennas for Porsche and Volkswagen among others.  Harada Antennas are plentiful if you search for Harada and not HIA antennas.  The precise model used in the Avanti is uncertain, but by appearances only seems to be FA-80A, but this is just a guess.  My own antenna does not seem to have a model number on it anywhere to confirm.

    What is stupidly difficult is figuring out what specs are needed to replace the mast.  All of the masts that are sold refer to "fits 1978 Chevy Blazer" or "fits 95-97 Camaro" but nothing obviously about Avanti's specifically, so not sure what anythings dimensions are that I should be trying to match.  😞  Maybe I need to head to a stereo installer and plead for help.  I'm figuring buying a NOS version of the same unit would probably have a real brittle plastic riser cord by this point making it a short term solution at best.

  12. Wow, thanks!  Your eyes were keener than mine, I didnt even notice the "A" in the brand name, I thought it said Hi Power not HIA Power.  that makes all the difference.

    This totally helps and that eBay find is excellent.  You've earned your two schillings for the day!  Now, if you have any ideas about weather sealing for the SkyTop, you would shoot to the top of my best friend's list.  🙂


  13. Yeah, I know, this isn't my first car.  But the manual specifically says there are four keys: Ignition, Door, Glove, and Fuel.  And yes, nonetheless, I did try to see if the ignition key worked, and it does not.  Not sure why they thought it was a good idea to add a different key, but there it is.

  14. Hi Guys.  I just got the build sheet for my 81, for the express purpose of getting the door key code.

    The build sheet, however, has a box for Ign Key Number and Trunk Key Number.  Nothing for the doors.  My owners manual specifies that there are seperate door and ignition keys, as well as glove box and fuel cap keys, four total.  

    Since my car has an electric trunk release, and no trunk key, I am *hoping* that the number in the Trunk Key box is actually a door key code?  Anyone have any experience or advice on this?  I currently have no door keys, and thought this would be the simplest way to get them, but again I am stuck.

    Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 4.34.38 PM.jpg

  15. Thanks.  The motor is called a "Power Hi Antenna" made in Japan, and does not have any other visible markings.  googling that yields no useable results.   I've seen the various "universal" ones, but figured I would troll around for someone who might have tried this before.  Updates to follow.



  16. Okay, so I checked the seals more carefully and realize that after decades of being shut, they still *look* good, but they are totally squashed and have no "springiness" left.  I had no idea they were even supposed to be a U-shape until I pried the two halves apart.

    So I'll pull and replace this seal and see what happens.  Thanks guys.

    (this will be continued in a few weeks, as I have to embark on another unrelated project that will leave the Avanti stranded for awhile.  Will resume pestering all of you after the middle of June. )


  17. Hi all.  another in the endless series of questions:

    anyone replace the antenna mast of the power antenna in an 80's era car?  Any idea what specific antenna would work?  I've removed the motor and the antenna from the motor (it just slid out, rather surprisingly, but its all bent out of shape.)  the motor works fine but if its easier/more advised to swap out the whole unit I'll do that.  As usual any advice, leads or pointers welcome.

  18. Hi 1inxs.

    So the springs on the hinge do not provide any lift?   And corollary, since you have an 81 just a few numbers from mine, do you know how/where to get the correct springs?  I'm figuring they have to do *something*.  the seals look like in good shape, but I'll check its snug adjustment.  (snugness is adjustable?)  🙂



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