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  1. Ouch. Yeah, that could be the cause of your excessive sway. LOL. At least it can be repaired, though. AMC used the exact same mirrors on all their models in the 1970's, but the mounting arm had a different set angle depending on the car model. It is possible to use a Gremlin/Hornet mirror mounting arm on a Javelin, but it takes some grinding, re-drilling and tapping of the arm on the mirror end to achieve the correct angle. I did this decades ago to mount a Hornet passenger-side mirror on my 1971 Javelin that didn't come with a passenger mirror from the AMC factory. My 1980 Avanti II drivers-side mirror is this AMC model with mechanical cable remote adjustment. I remember that Chrysler luxury models from that time had an option for mechanical remote passenger-side mirrors. I've often wondered if the long passenger-side cables from a Chryler could be adapted to control an AMC passenger mirror that was never remote controlled. I've had too many other distractions to pursue it, though.
  2. AndyM, have you considered removing, cleaning out, and sealing your fuel tank? It is most probably quite rusty inside like the tank in my '80 RQB-3109. The rust in the tank flakes off and travels through your fuel lines and will clog even a new fuel filter. It's really not all that hard to remove the tank and the sealant should protect your tank for another lifetime. Watch the many youtube videos on how to remove the rust. The POR15 kit is $73 on Amazon. Rust clogging a brand new fuel filter can easily mislead you into thinking that your new carb is suddenly having problems again. As was mentioned earlier, make sure you replace all "rubber" fuel lines with nitrile fuel lines. The ethanol in pump gas will eat your current rubber gas lines. O'Reilly's sells Gates safety stripe nitrile fuel line for $2 per linear foot and you'll need less than two feet for your entire car. It's 3/8 inch inside diameter Gates part# 27004. The salesman with have to cut it off a roll in their back room. When i pulled my tank, the 8" rubber fuel feed line (just above the rear axle pumpkin) crumbled to pieces in my hand when I took it off the brass tank connector. Don't let the ORielly's salesman fool you into buying the prepackaged Prestone fuel line. It is NOT nitrile and will fail. There's nothing quite like watching your Avanti piss 21 gallons of gasoline on the ground at a stop light. Here's my quick fuel tank removal video:
  3. I'm not much help here since I haven't done the rear brakes on my '80 RQB-3109. But I know that I read somewhere that they switched to Chrysler drums before 1980.
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