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  1. I am up in Ellijay and there are a few Avanti’s in the N Ga area! Mine is a 74 and there is a 79 and a Stude Avanti in Blue Ridge!
  2. My 1974 has a gm tilt column and a GM Key. The tilt column is similar to a corvette column but more likely a Camero or similar. Servicing is a PITA and the procedures are available in numerous tube videos and some specific GM service manuals. If the tilt is you problem then probably want to get someone to do that, but most of the key assembly, turn signals and such are pretty straightforward!
  3. Mine is working...sort of... have not found a listing for this particular switch or a cross reference for what it came off of! This is a two speed three way rocker switch with button in the middle for the washer! Help anyone?
  4. A lot of universal A/C parts that may be useful on Avanti’s https://nostalgicac.com/mount-kits-pulleys/chevrolet-compressor-mounts.html
  5. Part of your air injection system for the catalytic converter. Same as used some of the later 70s -82 Corvettes and some Chevy vehicles! Valve, air injection reactor check valve, to keep air from blowing back from the manifold! here is a listing in one of my corvette parts suppliers! https://corvetteparts.com/item/valve-air-injection-reactor-check-replacement-1968-1982
  6. Tires over 5-6 years old should not be considered safe. The rubber ages and it is slower to deteriorate if inside, but even then 6-7 years is about max to be safe! Remember we drive much faster and more than they did in the 60s and 70s. Be safe switch out every 5 years I& you can!
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