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  1. My 82’ had no vacuum going to the booster when I bought it a few weeks back. Pretty much no brakes on the car, being the stubborn guy I am I drove it anyway. Someone had used the port on the back of the carb spacer for vacuum? I blocked that off and used the vacuum port that the vacuum gauge and transmission draw from. Problem solved. The list of issues is still long but at least I can drive the car while I work on the rest of the list.

    The other neat thing is I found all my Avanti books from my first Avanti 30+ years ago, plus a front bra and floor mats. I guess I knew I would own another Avanti some day lol.

  2. I went to register my 82’ today. My City Hall experience was interesting to say the least. I handed the clerk my bill of sale and NV title and that’s when the fun began lol. First issue no data on Avanti ll in system, trip to the Supervisor. Second issue vin came back as non compliant, back to the supervisor. Third issue MSRP and weight had to be determined. I helped out in that department, looked up info on my phone and showed it to the clerk, no trip to the supervisor. It only took 1hr. to get through the process. The funniest thing is when I looked at the reg. It says 1982 Studebaker Avanti. Interesting enough the clerk had never reg. an Avanti in all her years at City Hall. Not many Avanti’s in Manchester NH. LOL

  3. Lancer,

    I know this is an old post, so if you are still active on this forum I would like to pick your brain on this car.

    I bought this car 8/29/18 RQB-3352, I know it has its problems. Brakes, sunroof, a/c, speedo. Believe it or not I drove it from Las Vegas to New Hampshire 2763 miles with only one problem the fan belt failing and using or dripping a quart of oil every 500 or so miles. The person I bought it from Mike didn’t seem to know much about Avanti’s, but the hog troughs and frame are solid so I pulled the trigger on it. 

    I know he was asking 14,000 for it in Hemings Motor News, I paid a lot less than that due to the condition of the car. If you have or remember any details on the car it might make things a little simpler in my quest to make the car a safe driver.

    I hope you found the car you were looking for and enjoying it.


  4. Thanks, Gunslinger. I drove this car RQB-3352 from LasVegas to NH 2763 miles. It has a replacement goodwrench 350.

    The biggest issue I have is the brakes. I broke a fan belt and the tech that worked on the car said there is a vacuum problem. He said a manifold leak or carb leak was the most obvious culprit. No vacuum going to brake booster. I haven’t driven the car since I got home but plan to tackle it soon. I’m hoping that solving this problem will stop the miss at idle and fix the brake problem. I owned a 1981 30 years ago so I’m aware of the issues that arise, but I am excited to be back in the seat of an Avanti and looking forward to bringing this car back to a dependable daily driver.


  5. Just purchased 1981 RQB 3352 from a gentleman in Las Vegas.

    2016 AOAI lists previous owner as William J Mims Las Vegas NV.

    The original build sheet indicates it was silver with burgundy interior. Highly optioned car. It is now midnight blue with red and white interior.

    The original 305 has been replaced with a GM 350 Goodwrench. Not sure what trans but feels like turbo 350.

    It is a respectable 10 footer with good frame and hog troughs. I plan on doing body and paint sometime in the future. Has a few mechanical issues that need addressing but hopefully not anything to extreme,non operational sky top but does not leak. 

    I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment driving this car.

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