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  1. I was able to change all the plugs?.  Who ever did the last tune up had Autolite platinum and AC Delco mixed together? Two of the plugs were fouled others looked good, not even sure if plug wires were connected. Runs a lot better on 8 cyclinders than 6 lol. Next is dialing in the carb and timing.

    Did a vacuum test and found no leaks. 

  2. New booster, master cylinder have driven about 25 miles today hard stops light stops holding brake for five minutes on a hill. Did check booster again no leaks. Going to drive it to work 80 miles round trip. Making sure my AAA is up to date lol.

  3. Checked cat this morning brakes fully released. Took it out for a ride almost the same route as yesterday no problems. I’m going to change brake fluid first, who knows how old it is and still going to check everything and go from there. I plan on doing the brake conversion ASAP just for future reliability. Thanks for the suggestions and support. 

    Not related to brake issue. I was at the gas station and an older gentleman asked if I would be interested in selling the car, I replied not at this time. He gave me his card and said give me a call if you decide you want to sell it. If I get the car fully functioning maybe I will put a price on it and go on the hunt for another one LOL.

  4. I’ll take a good look at it tomorrow and post what I find. 

    The short drive included several stop signs but no hard braking, felt consistent and even. Just thinking if the car wasn’t driven with properly functioning brakes for an extended time it might be best to rebuild the calipers replace the rubber lines and double check the rest of the braking system.

  5. I just took my car out for a short drive and when I returned the front brakes are just about locked up.

    I drove this car 2700 miles on no booster pretty much no brakes. Restored vacuum to the booster and power brakes were working just fine. Since I had power brakes I have only taken the car around the block, today was the first time I drove it over a mile.

    My question is do you think the calipers are sticking now because the power booster was not working for so long and the car was only driven with caliper not being activated and now that they are operating under normal conditions this is what’s causing them to not release. If so is it cost effective to rebuild them or should I look for replacements, it’s not in the budget to do the turner conversion right now. 

  6. I was at a car show in Merrimac MA. In 2017, an older gentleman (original owner) of a 63’ Avanti that he had converted to full electric drive was displaying his car and explaining all the ins and outs his project. It was impressive to me because he did it with off the shelf parts no pre engineered kit. If they ban fossil fuel we may have to track this guy down to keep driving our cars. Lol

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