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  1. Sorry I’m not that tech savvy. I will have my kid help me to load pic of connector so you can see it. The guy at NAPA tried to cross it to the Duralast part no., but nothing came up with the correct connector. He looked at several other GM switches but no match. The part in the column was fine. I could manipulate the switch by hand but it would not change settings. no problems since I substituted the foot dimmer, changes hi to low beam no issues.
  2. Just a heads up. Tried everywhere could not match up the switch🙁. Used a foot style dimmer just to get by. Just another bump in the road to keep RQB-3352 running day and night.
  3. Thanks for the help. I drive the car day and night lol.
  4. Anyone know the part number or what make car it came from?
  5. Switched to high beams the other day (took a couple of clicks to get them to change. Tried them again this time they are stuck on high beam and the relay gets hit and shuts the lights off. I am guessing the switch under the column is the problem. Has anyone changed this switch, not sure what’s involved to remove and replace this.
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