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  1. My 81’ was painted at some time from new to when I got it. I have the same issue more bubbles than anything. It’s dark blue but looks pretty good from 10 feet away. I’m toying with painting it at some point. It’s the mechanics I care more about at this time. I’m mostly happy to have the car as it’s been over 30 years since I owned my last one.

  2. If you google RQB-3276 it comes up as last being offered for sale in 2010 out of Connecticut.

    As I said I looked at this car online but did not care for the rubber bumper treatment. If you are seriously considering purchasing this car make sure you have someone who knows Avanti’s look at it first.

    The price isn’t bad in my opinion, but if you are thinking you can convert it back to chrome I wouldn’t buy it. If you want a chrome bumpered car hold off and get one that has not been messed with, in the long run you will save time, money and aggravation.

  3. No. All 81’s came from the factory with chrome bumpers. Some owners sent their cars back to the factory to be updated to the molded bumpers. It’s whats known as the “Blake updating”. The car you are looking at is one of those I’m sure. I looked at this car as it has been on the market for quite some time. I don’t particularly care for the late 83’s and later Avanti ll’s myself. I owned an 81 30 years ago and loved the car. I prefer the Recaro interior cars for there comfort. I have a crate Goodwrench in my car and it runs great. If you look up RQB- 3352 on Google you will see pic. if it ( dark blue exterior, red and white interior).

  4. I am familiar with all of these cars. They have been on the market since I bought my 81’ in Aug. I realize these the west coast cars are easier to get to see and transport but my advice is utilize this forum and keep looking for the car you really want. No Avanti is going to be perfect and they all have there strong points. In my opinion you want a car with “solid Hog Troughs” and frame. Mine was from Nevada and has no rust, that being said I need to repair my moon roof, air conditioning and cruise control. Keep in mind parts for theses cars are elusive and can be very expensive. 

    Pick the brains of the people on this forum and don’t purchase a car on impulse.

    Good hunting on your quest.

  5. Just my 2 cents worth. I drive a 66’ Impala with a 327/275 hp power glide that sat in a barn for 25 plus years, rebuilt the carb re-gasketed the motor and trans and have been running it going on four years. I agree with the guys, put the minimum into it and run it, all you have to lose is a couple of hundred if it goes south. 

    I have a replacement goodwrench 350 in my 81 RQB-3352 plenty of power runs great.

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