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  1. Not sure if I updated this post somewhere else or not, but I did solve the problem.

    The booster was connected to a port on the carb spacer. The problem was there was no vacuum coming from that port? I used the port off the manifold that supplied vacuum to the dash gauge and something else, the threaded port on the top of this vacuum port had been blocked off? I used a standard NPT barb fitting and ran it to the booster and the brakes worked fine. The miss at idle was fouled plugs, P/O mixed platinum and ac Delco? Has been running fine. Don’t think computer is controlling anything?, has Edelbrock carb. Still has all the pollution stuff on it and smog pump is hooked up, has CAT, not sure if it is working or not? There are several things that need attention I will work on over the long winter and hopefully will be squared away by spring.

  2. Just took a three day trip with the 81’ , it ran pretty well with no surprises. I forgot how much attention these cars draw. My wife was amazed so many people stopped and asked about the car. This was the first time she has ridden in it since I bought it over a month ago. It’s funny she liked our last Avanti and she likes this one two, except it was easier to get in and out of 30+ years ago. Lol

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