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  1. It was probably a mere formality as Egbert agreed to a buyout for his resignation. So my guess is all directors voted "aye" to accept. And my guess is all directors voted Byers Burlingame in as new President & CEO on that fateful day in November 1963.

  2. The mic cord is routed between the windshield and dash, then does a 90 degree turn up the A pillar trim. It is clipped on the trim between the door opening and the headliner. (sorry, but I don't see a photo rotation function on the Forum toolbar) I used plastic trim pullers to gently lift trim pieces and wedge the wire in place. When you place a call using Bluetooth, the speakers serve as receivers and the mic picks up your voice without any interference from the AC blower. My rear view mirror is dash mounted, so eliminated placement of the mic there.

    As far as the USAB port, I purchased a mounting bracket online and installed it under the dash on the passenger side, close to the center console. I did not drill any holes into the dash, nor attempt to route it to either glovebox. Because I link my iPhone to the radio with Bluetooth, I've never used the USAB port. 


  3. Yup...did mine last year. Purchased an AM/FM with bluetooth from RetroSound https://www.retromanufacturing.com  They also offer an upgrade for Sirius/XM. I purchased all new speakers; ran all new wiring, and was able to mount the mic in the trim along the front windshield. Access is thru the speaker grille directly over the radio, and the radio opening itself. Didn't have to cut anything, but being nimble and patient really helps. I also series wired some mini speakers into the front speaker opening, but that's a whole different subject! Feel free to personal message if you have ???s  




  4. 6 hours ago, M&M said:

    Maybe I am using the wrong name for what I need? The ram that sits just below the crankshaft engine pulley that sits horizontal and is hooked to the steering. My old engine pulley was rubbing on this when the car was turned sharply and it is leaking fluid. With my new 383 stroker engine I have about 1/2” clearance.   What is this Power steering ram called .


    It's a hydraulic ram that provides "assist", as opposed to modern power steering units. I replaced mine with a rebuilt ram, then had to replace the steering pump as it wasn't delivering the kind of pressure needed to adequately move the ram. Then one of the high pressure hoses that powers the ram rubbed against a frame rail and sprung a leak, spewing fluid all over the hot exhaust pipe. The routing of those hoses is critical as they move quite a bit while turning the steering wheel. As Jim78 mentioned, the steering system used by Studebaker and found on early Avanti II's is an antiquated design. It works, but it aint like a modern system. 



  5. My understanding is the Avanti was to be the styling inspiration for all new '65 Studebakers, replacing the GT Hawk and Lark series. But by Sept '63 (date on the photos) the Avanti was not the car that would save Studebaker. In spite of disappointing sales, Egbert wanted to continue on with automotive production. The Board didn't, and accepted his resignation in November. Byers Burlingame took over, and the rest is history.

    I find Kellog's comment about adding front fender scoops to address engine heat interesting. While the grille under the front bumper pleased Loewy, it sure as heck didn't help vent engine heat. Guess Hardig & Co didn't have much, or any say in that design decision. 




  6. Round headlights, no less. And am my eyes playing tricks on me? Looks like the trajectory front wheel opening has been restored. Any way you can rotate these pix so I don't have to turn my head 90 degrees? 🙃

  7. My '71 has clear bulbs that were dipped in red paint. IMHO painting the bulbs is not a good plan as the paint reduces light intensity; runs hotter than clear bulbs, then cracks and flakes off over time. I've noticed only the gauges are affected by the switch for bright and dim. If money wasn't an issue, I'd go with LED lighting that allows you to dial in a range of different colors. 

  8. I purchased an AM/FM with Bluetooth and new speakers from RetroSound last year https://www.retromanufacturing.com  (they offer a Satellite radio option as well)  Did the install myself with all new wiring to both doors, as well as the rear deck lid. Very pleased with the sound and their customer support. After the installation I wondered why I couldn't hear the radio or music from my iPhone very well while driving. Turns out, the cause was the placement of door panel speakers...behind the front seats and below waist level (1971 Avanti II). I couldn't  move the door panel speakers forward or up due to clearance problems in the doors. I didn't want to mess up the clean look of the cabin with surface mounted speakers. So my solution was to series wire two mini speakers into the front dash grille (which never had a speaker).  Now I can hear the radio just fine in the front seat without blasting out those in the rear! I have pictures of the install if anyone is interested in tackling a radio replacement themselves.

  9. 10 hours ago, Jim78 said:

    It's interesting that the build sheet specified the Studebaker "S" badging on the doors and rear seat.  Did they actually get installed ?  


    It be interesting to see the agreement between Studebaker and Avanti Motors regarding the use of Studebaker badging on the Avanti II. I recall reading Studebaker didn't want the public to think they were making Avantis after the South Bend shutdown. The early Avanti II's made by Newman-Altman didn't have the Lazy S, but as time went on, you'd see it on the hood gun sight; the door panels; and between the rear seats. On my '71, where the rear seat medallion would go is a leather covered plastic plug. Maybe after Hamilton was closed, Studebaker didn't care anymore?

  10. I've got one of each on my '71. The front has the long overline on top, while the rear has the long underscore on the bottom. To be perfectly honest, I much prefer the long line on the bottom as it looks better next to the Avanti script emblem. A case can be made for having the long underscore on the bottom as that's how Stude used the Roman Numerals on the Lark. Now just for kicks, why did Loewy allow the Studebaker logotype on the rear deck of the Avanti? It looks so out of place and dated compared to his modern Avanti logo and multiple Lazy S badges.



  11. I vote for affixing the Avanti script, but not the tacky Roman Numerals. If you decide to do so, remember the placement is different on square headlight Avantis than round headlight models. Love the color of yours. Looks like Sky Ranch at Carefree airport, which is pretty spectacular as well!

  12. My '71 Avanti II has them, front and back. I know the Avanti script is held in place by fasteners from the back side. Dunno about the Roman Numerals as Studebaker didn't use them on Avantis. If they were installed with adhesive and fell off, or the car was repainted and not reinstalled, that may explain it.

  13. 5 hours ago, Randy Atkin said:

    It is a "test switch" to make sure the red brake warning light on the dash is functioning. When you press the switch the warning light should light up. If it doesn't, check the bulb or the wiring. This warning light is there to alert you of low brake line pressure caused a leak in the system.

     Who'da thunk?! Problem is the warning light is so small and so low on the dash, it would never catch your attention if it showed up while driving. Now if it was attached to a warning chime or buzzer, that would do the trick. Or better yet, repurpose the button and use it for a seat ejector (sunroof models only). 

  14. Here's my '71 RQB.  I have no clue as to what the black spring loaded button does. It's under the dash and to the left of the steering wheel where Newman/Altman mounted the fog lights switch and two

    speed switch for the rear window defroster. Any clues?  (yes, that's USDA certified spaghetti wiring in the background)



  15. My '71 Avanti was titled in Minnesota and I had AAA handle the AZ registration. They took the info from the MN registration and titled the car as an antique (copper plate), thus avoiding emissions. That AAA membership paid off...and I just received the renewal notice from the state: $62.30 for one year; $180.30 for three years. And no stinkin' emissions test required. 

  16. Thanks for your info...that's a beast!!

    The Evans coolant and switching out to a six blade fan has helped some, but I gotta take the next step with a radiator change out and electric fan(s). Anyone know where Studebaker did high temp testing? (tongue firmly in cheek)

  17. Wait a minute...Sherwood Egbert's full page ad said the Avanti was America's most advanced automobile. (guess he thought no one would pick up on its Lark underpinnings)

    Now my search begins for credible documentation on alignment specs for this '71. Because so much of my Avanti is Studebaker sourced, would the alignment specs on the '71 be that much different than the 63/64's that were assembled in South Bend? Any suggestions on where to source alignment specs? 


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