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  1. 17 gallons of gas for $5.50...those were the days, my friend!

    Clean it up inside and out...get rid of those rims, and purchase the correct ones. Whatever money put into replacing hog troughs, you'll never see again. Red exterior, black interior and AC - it'll sell for a nice price!


  2. I think you're going in the right direction with this project. Those hog troughs were a quick solution to securing a wider chassis to the narrower Lark frame While providing structural rigidity. The outriggers on the frame shown in the photo look quite substantial. Couple that with reinforced fiberglass, and you've got something better than what Studebaker engineers came up with for the Avanti. Those guys were under the gun to get the car into production while saving money to keep the auto division alive. Working smarter beats working harder every time!

  3. The YouTube video is a must see. In reality, it's more like a blog or podcast...but worth every 44 minutes to hear Geoff talk about the rebirth of Avanti after Studebaker stopped production. Without the foresight (and sheer determination) of Newman & Altman, our beloved automobiles would only be from production years '63 & '64. Avanti lived for an incredible four decades more! Back in the days of Kodachrome, we hoped the memories would last before the colors faded. But in today's digital world, the memories and colorful history are here for today and future generations. Thanks, Geoff...you left us one of the greatest stories in automotive history!

  4. On 8/24/2022 at 3:28 AM, paul shuffleburg said:

    The vents are open. The main reason I installed the Dyna Mat was because no air was coming thru the vents.

    The vents on my 51 Commander and 62 Champ really help on a hot day.

    Cram the exhaust hose of a shop vac into the cabin vents and follow the air flow. There's got to be an obstruction somewhere between point A and point B./

  5. On 7/22/2022 at 10:28 AM, pantera928 said:

    I would guess a roller came off the track somehow. Didn't you have other window trouble recently?

    Sounds like it. There are two rollers on the top of the regulator that ride in the track attached to the bottom of the window. If one comes out of the track, your window will most likely jam. If they both come out, then the window will drop rapidly into the inside of the door. Once you get the door panel off, you (or your mechanic) can look top down into the two sides of the door, or through the bottom access opening of the door and figure it out. I've had issues with both front windows due primarily to parts wearing out from age.

  6. I got mine out thru the dash speaker grille. Not too difficult, you just have to remove all the knobs, washers, and nuts on the front of the radio. I would strongly suggest you kill the battery to avoid getting shocked by a hot wire.

  7. "Keep the faith"....great advice from Jim Bunting to loyal Avanti owners worldwide. It was great to hear the many stories from the man who produced AVX 1-3, and was the inspiration for 2001-2007 Avantis. Every single Avanti from 1963 on was so eye catching, that many groceries were dropped by those who saw one drive by. Congratulations, Mr Bunting. Mission accomplished! 

  8. What holds the clips on the roll bar cover are metal spanners glued to the cover's back. My cover was drooping on one side, so I pulled the whole thing off. The adhesive for several spanners was vaporized, others were very loose. Plus the vinyl material on the cover was coming off. Using silicone adhesive and Gorilla tape, I reglued everything and it went back into place perfectly. (the clips were soaked in PB Blaster over night, and straightened with needle nose pliers before being reattached)


  9. EPAS is slick and will give you power steering like a contemporary car...but cha-ching $$. I had my steering system gone through and replaced a lot of worn out, or incorrect parts. It aint real power steering...just boost from the hydraulic ram. If you pull it out and go with manual steering, be prepared for a real good muscle workout. But you'll look really buff at the gym!

  10. 3 hours ago, Dunkin said:

    Yes, I am not having a good time, rivet replacement is a real bitch, pardon the English!

    Your English is perfect...the job is a real PITA! 

    Sounds like you're replacing the vent window gasket. I used the shortest knife handle rivets Ace Hardware sold with pretty good luck. They're two part and you have to compress them together to work. Drilling out the original rivets was also a challenge. You have a lot more room to work if you remove the ventilator. Now if you're replacing the whiskers in the channel that holds the main window, that's another horror story.

    Send a PM with your contact info and I'll be happy to help out. 



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