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  1. Pictures in Bob Johnstone’s Avanti registry show my 83 with a moonroof, but somewhere along the line it was removed, possibly by previous owner Mike Valent of Florida. He has passed and I haven’t been able to find any history on the car, but whoever did the work did a very good job. I think Nostalgic still has roof skins available, but then there is the headliner to contend with.  Mike

  2. I had the same problem, ended up up wiring in resistors on each side. Lights are brighter but probably draws more than just having incandescents. Mike

  3. I think there is more to it than that simple diagram. There is a magnet and sensor that goes on the driveline to provide data to the computer for speed and distance. I’d be happy to scan the manuals and email them. Might help a little. Mike

  4. I think Dwight is right though, it looks like a worthwhile project for the right person. Finding the right person might be tough. Someone with the skills to do the bulk of the work themselves that wants an Avanti would be the ticket.  I think it’s pretty tough these days to buy any classic with the thought of restoring it and then making money on it. 

    Sad story, guess whoever got the car from your grandmother wasn’t looking out for her.  Mike

  5. When I converted my signal lights to LED they would not blink. I bought a flasher from NAPA that was supposed to work with LEDs, but it didn’t work either. Could have tried some different flashers but this was the only one NAPA had. I installed a resistor in line on each side and that solved the problem. The LEDs are definitely a little brighter. 

  6. Did they perhaps replace the clock with a volt meter?  Mine has both a volt meter and an ammeter, no clock. If so, it wouldn’t be original and the wiring could be wrong. That wouldn’t explain why you all of a sudden have a problem. You’ve done nothing else other than the brakes?  Mike

  7. So this makes me wonder if they had an “official” jack. I was reading where the Mustang jacks were supplied by 3 different companies over the early years. Does the authenticity manual address the jack?  Was the jack in a 63 the same as an 85?  You would think Studebaker would have found a supplier for a jack instead of building their own. Maybe they had a big stack of them like they did the Xframes.  Mike

  8. Did you try Nostalgic for glove box hinges?  On my gas door, I removed the latch on the inside so it can’t lock. I don’t leave the car anyplace that might tempt gas thieves, and if it did happen, I would rather lose a few gallons of gas than have to repair a door that was damaged with a pry bar. Mike

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