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  1. When I converted my signal lights to LED they would not blink. I bought a flasher from NAPA that was supposed to work with LEDs, but it didn’t work either. Could have tried some different flashers but this was the only one NAPA had. I installed a resistor in line on each side and that solved the problem. The LEDs are definitely a little brighter. 

  2. Did they perhaps replace the clock with a volt meter?  Mine has both a volt meter and an ammeter, no clock. If so, it wouldn’t be original and the wiring could be wrong. That wouldn’t explain why you all of a sudden have a problem. You’ve done nothing else other than the brakes?  Mike

  3. So this makes me wonder if they had an “official” jack. I was reading where the Mustang jacks were supplied by 3 different companies over the early years. Does the authenticity manual address the jack?  Was the jack in a 63 the same as an 85?  You would think Studebaker would have found a supplier for a jack instead of building their own. Maybe they had a big stack of them like they did the Xframes.  Mike

  4. Did you try Nostalgic for glove box hinges?  On my gas door, I removed the latch on the inside so it can’t lock. I don’t leave the car anyplace that might tempt gas thieves, and if it did happen, I would rather lose a few gallons of gas than have to repair a door that was damaged with a pry bar. Mike

  5. What color was the car Gunslinger?  Mine was converted with a new roof panel. My car is white and was owned by Mike Valent who used to post here.  He passed away so I can’t ask any questions and Nostalgic doesn’t have any paperwork on it.  The conversion turned out very nice. Mke

  6. The first (and maybe only) time I drove my 83 in the dark I came across a dopey  little dog on my county road. First time I ever slammed on the brakes like that and realized how much less effective 60 year old brakes (and headlights) are compared to the new stuff we are used to. Hope to get my Turner brakes installed this spring. Also put on the driving lights so I could see better. Oh yeah, missed the dog. Mike

  7. Back in around 1974 we put a Hurst in my 64 Daytona R1.  Can’t remember what happened to the factory one, most likely thrown in the dumpster. Things we did without thinking ahead!  The Hurst made an incredible improvement. Mike

  8. Thanks Dwight. Not surprising I wouldn’t remember that tube since I sold that dark blue 64 R1 4spd Daytona 49 years ago!  I drove it 25 miles and back to college every day. Wonder how many R4’s were daily drivers?

  9. I used push in barrel nuts to mount the pirate buckles. Haven’t had any problems with them holding. Not sure if there is a “official” location or how the factory placed them. Not quite as easy as the hood emblem, but you could probably get pretty close if you scope out a 63 or 64. Mike

  10. The car no longer has a supercharger, so I have no idea how effective it was on a 305. According to Bob Johnstone’s registry, it had a double gunsight hood that I assume was to accommodate the supercharger. There is a photo of the engine there, along with a few others, but right now it keeps crashing my iPad when I try to load it. The car has a history, just can’t find much about it. 

    Not sure if the factory had a template for the pirate buckles, it would be interesting to compare to see if they are placed consistently.  Mike

  11. Thanks Zedman. I put the pirate buckles on the sides also, but just left them black. This car has has a lot of changes over its life. Gone is the moonroof, the rear luggage rack, and Johnstone’s Avanti registry has a photo of the engine with a blower installed. One of the former owners, Mike Valent, used to post on this forum but it seems he has passed and I haven’t been able to track down any solid history and there doesn’t seem to be any original paperwork to be found. Seems like so many of our cars have a story after so many years. Mike

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