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  1. Dream on. It is sad that you seem so obsessed with your perceived value of your car. Generally something is worth what it sold for.
  2. Rarity does not mean high price. There is a very small market for these cars.
  3. My 2006 came with a very low restriction Magnaflow exhaust system too. It's probably safe to say all 2001 thru 2007 did.
  4. I guess you didn't catch my sarcasm. There is nothing wrong here as you seem to think. Just because production numbers were not published does not mean the company had "sloppy" bookkeepers. Give them a break. They may have had their reasons. As for the books there's tons of information in them not available anywhere else. True Avanti enthusiasts cherish these books. I don't know how you can not be satisfied. It just so happens what you are looking for may not be available and no one including Avanti Motors or the author can be faulted for that.
  5. Perhaps you should purchase another of his books titled "Avanti - Studebaker and Beyond" and critique it.
  6. Aardvark - Here are your requested pics.
  7. Here we are some 60 years after the debut of the Avanti and brake pads, pistons, cylinders, etc are still available. How long will we be able to buy Cobalt pads - 5 years, 10 years? They could go out of business tomorrow. Then what? Something to consider.
  8. Either the holes are oversized or wrong bushings. It takes a LOT of torque to thread the bushings into an NOS control arm when everything is sized correctly. With a new control arm the bushings form their own threads as they are tightened down.
  9. You have to remove the entire headlight bucket assemblies from the backside if you want to replace the lens and reflector. Access is easier if you first remove the front wheels and inner front fender liners. There are three thin metal straps that hold each bucket in place. Removing the three nuts and bending the straps out of way releases the bucket. While you are under there make sure the straps are still firmly glued to the fiberglass front panel as this is a very weak spot in the design. Once you have the buckets out of the car it will be obvious how to switch the lens/reflector.
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