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  1. I would only add to drn1965's comments that the 2006-2007 dashes were also heavily modified, actually I would say more than the 2005, to resemble Avanti dashes of the 80's. I have seen the picture of the black Avanti outside the Cancun showroom doors many times and mistook it for a 2006 or 2007. I now agree it appears to be a 2005.
  2. Thanks for the comparison photos drn1965. I never noticed all the differences of the actual prototype. At the SDC Rhode Island meet I talked to the former (and I think original) owner of the red 2005. If I recall correctly, he changed the "Avanti" script to the old style as he preferred it. He told me he had trouble with the upholstery on the door panels in that the Avanti script was deteriorating so he had the door panels remade without script. It seems to me he did some other minor interior changes. Apparently he changed the headrest script also. This car has been for sale for several years now. While it is very nice the price seems too high to me, thus not sold. Personally I like the sloping trunk lid of the 2005 better than the 2006-2007, but I do not like the 2005's flared out wheel openings.
  3. Jeff - I am interested. I just sent you a message. Randy Atkin
  4. Do we know for sure that the Blake bumpers and later versions thru 2007 are Composite and or SMC? To me, not being knowledgeable about this, they appear to be just fiberglass like the rest of the body. Just curious.
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