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Looking for Round Headlight Avanti

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I am new to this forum. Presently, I have a collection of about 11 cars, most of which are British cars from the 1950s and 1960s. I've decided I want to add an American car to my collection and an early Avanti is high on my list. I prefer the look of the round headlight version and would like to find a car that is restored or in very good driver condition. First question: At what point did Studebaker change from round headlights to the rectangular version? Second question: What are round headlight Avantis selling for in good driver to restored condition?

Bill Wilkman

Riverside, CA, USA

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If I'm not mistaken all of the '63's and some early '64's have round headlights.

A good site to visit for pricing would be http://www.avantisource.com/index.html

Click on the Avanti's for Sale, then Avanti Price Guide.

Good luck,


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At what point did Studebaker change from round headlights to the rectangular version?

"Avanti" book by Bonsall says square headlights began in August 1963, which was considered the

start of 1964 production. Parts book says square headlights debuted on vehicle serial #4892

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There are 35 64's with round head lights and 64 interior trim, mine is #R4832

You mention 35 Avantis with 64 interior trim but round head lights. Does this include the round hd light cars after 4892? Also, were the ones prior to 4892 always solid black interiors? I seem to remember that they had black steering wheels and some had walnut trim and some the all black trim. This sound right?? I have 4829 that has the walnut trim but I think it originally had a black wheel since the steering column is black. It has pirate buckles on doors etc.

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This round headlight thing can be a little confusing. I'm pretty sure you are talking about the actual headlight itself. Any Avanti made prior to the 1983 model year (Blake era) had round headlights. Now the headlight trim is different. The 1963 Avanti's all had round headlights and the trim was also round. Starting with the 1964 models the headlight was round but the headlight trim or bezel was square. This continued up until 1983 (with the 20th Anniversary Edition) when both the headlight and the surrounding trim were square. So basically the 1964 thru 1982 cars looked exactly the same - except for a federally mandated bumper change in the 70's that looked like they simply added-on a bumper bar with 2 big black rubber bumpers. Some one else can take it from here...

Bill Daly

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There was an excellent article about the 1963 to 1964 model changeover written by Fred Fox in the October 1987 issue of Turning Wheels.

Fred takes the reader to the Avanti assembly line as 1964 Avanti production started back up on August 5, 1963. According to Fred, there were 655 1964 Avantis built with square head lights. This included R4130 which was Sherwood Egbert's personal car and is in the 1964 catalog. This car was the test bed for the all the running changes on the 1964 models. All cars from R5005 to R54643 had square headlights. 17 cars with lower production numbers, mostly show and engineering cars, were fitted with them as well. Read the article -- Fred knows his Avantis!!! I've seen a lot of 64's -- so far Fred's information has been correct on all of them.

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