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Avanti R4175

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Wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of 1963 Studebaker Avanti R4175?....This Avanti is a rare factory 'Avanti Black' job, which was once owned by Tommy Tompkins then Paul Savard, and after that Dennis St. Hilaire from Connecticut.........A beautiful low mileage R1 as I remember it!

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42 minutes ago, silverstude said:


Where did you get the ownership info?

I knew/know the folks whom I mentioned...St. Hilaire being the last owner of this Avanti that I'm aware of.... The last time I saw R4175 in person, it had just over 15K on its odometer.

Avanti Black, R1, 4 speed, red/fawn interior, tinted glass all around.

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Still wondering if this rare 'Avanti Black' Studebaker Avanti is out there somewhere?:huh:

( In 1975,  R4175 was positioned right alongside my 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk, at the Greater New England Autorama Show held in Boston.......That Avanti was (then) 'As New'!:))

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