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1963 Avanti - Barnyard find

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I'm helping the estate of my aunt & uncle regarding a 1963 Avanti that's located in Elizabeth, CO (outside of Denver).  Instead of this car being hauled off for strap, I'm hoping someone can help save it to be driven or used as parts.

I'm told that "all the parts are there" in the hay loft that are not attached to the car (in boxes).  From the pictures, it shows a body tag # as well as the serial # attached to the frame rail.  It also looks as though the supercharger is still with the car. 

They have not been able to locate any title as of right now.

Please contact me if interested.







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Title or not, your aunt and uncle's Studebaker Avanti most certainly has value....although it may take something like an e-bay auction to determine what that value is!

There are folks who live as far away as Australia who purchase these cars frequently.....especially the original '63-'64 Studebaker supercharged models.

By the way, is the car an automatic or a 4 speed?

PS....I think your Avanti's serial number may be 63R 1599.....Ed


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