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I've seen this car in person and know the owner.  The car lives in Palm Springs.  VtMike, it does not have both - only A/C.  There was a story behind the Supercharged script on the fenders, but it doesn't come to mind.  But the car is just as good as it looks in this video.

Other than filling in the holes in the trunk that Sailingaventure mentioned, there were two other things I noticed - The armrest has carpet whereas mine has a chrome trim piece.  Also, the spring broke on the vanity mirror in the glove box - on mine, when you pull out the drawer, the mirror pops up automatically. 

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That's my car in the video. I am the 4th owner. I was told the car was repainted once around 1970. The owner at the time (owner #2?) apparently didn't want the Studebaker logos on the car (although Avanti logos were OK), so he removed them and filled the holes. Then owner #3 put all the Studebaker logos back on the car. I assume the small holes on the trunk lid were from a mis-drilling when mounting the logo, although I don't know for sure. I put some small rubber patches on the inside of the trunk lid so that no water will enter through the holes, but have left the holes as-is. If someone has a clever idea for filling the holes and making them match the paint, I'd like to hear it. But I have no plans to paint the car anytime soon, so it will live with some of its patina. 

Regarding the supercharger and A/C....

It came from the factory as an R2. The first owner soon decided he really wanted air conditioning so took it to his Studebaker dealer who removed the entire supercharging system, and installed factory A/C, which is what it has now. Someday I would love to find a modern supercharger that would fit. Or replace the A/C compressor with a smaller, modern unit and find an Avanti supercharger (and associated hardware) and have the best of both worlds. 

The A/C compressor has loose bearings and is noisy, so I don't use it anyway. I will probably try to replace it with a modern A/C compressor at some point.

My armrests do have a piece of carpet in the insets... would that have been a chrome inset originally?



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WOW!:o....That's one entertaining video!.....Beautiful Studebaker Avanti......I've always loved the turquoise jobs!:D

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