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    Avanti 63R1025

    The prior owner said that Andy G. told him he'd stroked 1025, rather than bore it out to 299, in an effort to give it a little more torque and better performance during the Hot Rod Mag tests. But I believe our experts said that stroking rather boring doesn't actually give it any additional torque.
  2. In August 1962, the records were set by prototype Avantis that were Granatelli-built racing machines with the 299 cu. in. "r3" prototype engines. I understand that those engines were hand built by the Granatellis with extensively ported r2 heads and urban legend suggests they had a Windfield and not a Stude cam. The 299 r3 prototype engines were in prototype Avantis but not any of the factory produced r3 Avantis. World's Fastest Production Car? Please . . . I don't know if there were any r2 Avantis at Bonneville in 1962. But, in September 1963, they took something like 10 Studebakers at Bonneville, including 6 cyl. Larks, 8 cyl Larks, Hawks, and r2 & r3 Avantis. Avanti # 9 was said to be powered by the 304.5 cu. in. r3 engine that powered the factory built 9 r3 Avantis. If that is true, then it was a lot closer to a production Avanti than those in 1962.
  3. I don't get this one. And I think John Lennon may have said: Most Peculiar, Momma. I understand the importance of A/C to someone living in SoCal. I also understand that, back in the day, A/C was not available in a supercharged Avanti. But I would not have expected Andy G to recommend an r3 engine w/o its supercharger in this circumstance. Instead, I would have expected Andy to recommend an r4 engine. Wouldn't an r3 engine w/o S/C have lower compression and one less carb than an r4, and substantially less HP than an r4? Is it possible that r3 engines were available at the time but r4 engines weren't? Even if that were the case, if he had the parts, it would have been easy-peasy for Andy to swap out the heads and intake manifold, and turn an r3 into an r4? Maybe I am missing something (as usual)? I think it is crying shame that the Avanti in question doesn't have its supercharger. It seems there are a good many supercharged Avantis that have a modern A/C system in them these days, and I think that is the route folks ought to go.
  4. Dwight - THANK YOU! I see things like "Avanti's" quite often, and it makes me cringe.
  5. I am not going to understand this one without some further explanation.
  6. On the issue of extra boost. I recall a statement by George Krem indicating that his R3 engine came with the high boost pulley, and that he had not made any change. Do we know at what RPM his R3 was making 440 hp? I believe the rating of 335 was at something like 5200? And I recall reading that the boost was likely to increase a good bit at higher RPMs? On the other hand, I recall also reading that Ted Harbit had strict instructions from George not to exceed 6000 rpm while racing, so he may have given the same instructions to the dyno guys? I would love to see the dyno HP of Ted's Stude Tomato. I believe he has recorded times that were very close to George's R3?
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