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  1. give Dave Thibeault a call, he is a great source of information 978-897-3158
  2. not sure of the article, but I do remember Jon Myers writing about soaking the entire cable in ATF to remove rust and loosen the wire within the cable I did this on my 64 R2 during a frame off restoration years ago, still pulls easily Mar
  3. MARK

    blower hoses

    Give Dave thibeault a call, he has an amazing ability to get the best stuff...........978-897-3158, having restored 3 cars, one of them 3 times, I know for sure Mark
  4. wasn't additional padding to the seat for driver and passenger the upgrade?
  5. MARK

    Avanti logo rights

    I just saw a mega yacht in Ft Lauderdale Florida named..............AVANTI
  6. I bought a set from Dave Thibeault, give him a call 978 897 3158 Mark
  7. MARK

    Auto Transport

    I have used very successfully VIP transport, call Jerry 704 622 7182 I transported my 63 GT Hawk; concours quality, from NJ to Ft Lauderdale Florida, delivered to Motor Car Gallery. They buy and sell and consign cars, they had secured garage storage that I am using when not at my condo which is on the water. Jerry is an owner operator with a huge clean transport. He is reliable, on time and my car was delivered perfectly clean Mark
  8. MARK

    Car Cover

    I too ordered from C C Covers, expensive but seriously quality material.
  9. That modification is beautiful and very clean. If not mistaken, I think Jon Myers has the brackets for that custom insert. Getting him on the phone is easy, take notes and maybe record his responses as he will talk you thoroughly through with detail and problems. Mark
  10. Gunslinger, I too have 2 NOS pair of glass for the 64R2. I was hoping for a better return. At least those who need them can acquire at an affordable price. I still think NOS will draw a bigger return. BTW, hope all is well at your home. Mark
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