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  1. Thanks to all for the contact information. I will make a few calls and see what I can find. It will probably be a little like Johnny Cash and his Cadillac One piece at a time.
  2. For the current time I'm going to try to find a rebuilt unit if I can. If I don't have any luck and it is still available I will contact you. Thanks
  3. Hi and thanks for the reply, The engine is stamped with the correct number matching the production order. It has about 67k miles and has good compression.The lower pulleys are still on the engine but not any others. The supercharger was removed to add A/C before it had 50k on the engine and prior to 1984 when it was in LA. I will need to pull the engine and reseal it and the power steering assy., so I would like to do it all at one time. Thanks again, John C.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new to party here at AOAI and I could use a little help. I have played with cars for years but I recently purchased my first Avanti. I sent for it's birth certificate and found it was a superchaged 4 speed car originally. It is now an automatic transmission with no S/C. The engine is correct and runs well but I would like to find and install the blower. I would need the blower, mounting bracket, carb, air cleaner, bonnet, hoses, and I'm sure a few other parts. If anyone could help me source any of these items it would be greatly appreciated. If the Studebaker swap meet in May is still on I plan to attend and could make connections there. Thanks for any help, John C.
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