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  1. Ed M

    Door keys

    My '81 (RBQ-3318) did not have any door keys when I bought it. To make a locksmith's job easier, is there a record of key codes? What is the blank number? Thanks Ed
  2. Last winter my engine had to come out (1981 - RQB-3318) and my mechanic did not re-install the A/C compressor. It is in a cardboard box in the garage and my bathroom scale says it weighs 44 pounds. This is not all of the weight of the system, but most of it. Could this amount of weight just in front of the axle and a couple of pounds for a cruise control trigger a different spring spec?
  3. Ed M


    83 - good idea.
  4. Ed M


    I have a 1981, #3318. Is there a document that shows what all of the dashboard controls are? I have a few that don't appear to be doing anything Thanks Ed
  5. Ed M


    I have a 1981, #3318, and I need a brake master cylinder, 2 rear wheel cylinders, and rear brake shoes. Is there more information that I need to order them? Are there a couple of your favorite suppliers that you can recommend? Many thanks - I love driving my rural Maryland area these beautiful days Ed
  6. Avanti history seems to be a moving target. He says the Avanti II was first produced in 1982, but my 1981 has a II on the front.
  7. Ted You mentioned that the color was a special order. I visited the factory a number of times in 68-69-70 while going to school in South Bend. They offered any color paint and any interior, and that was carried to extremes on a car I saw - maybe 70? - that was school bus yellow with a black and white zebra striped interior
  8. Ed M

    Avanti Employees!

    I went to school in South Bend '66-70 and visited the plant a few times (took me 50 years to get one just last year) and didnl't think there were more then maybe 30 or so that you could see
  9. Thanks all I might just go with the 2 cable ties and cut them each time I show the car Ed
  10. New to Avanti - have 3318, a 1981. Maryland I where live requires a front plate, but the car did not come with a bracket. I bought one of those rubberized magnets and stuck it to the bottom of the bumper, but it comes off at 10 MPH. What does everyone do about this? I was thinking of a couple of cable ties around the bumper, then cut them off when I am at a car show, then cable tie it back on for the trip home Thanks Ed
  11. Here is a '77 with 5 days left to go on BaT. Frame is suspect. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1977-avanti-avanti/
  12. I have an '81 (3318) in need of door seals. Has anyone tried this on a pre'83 since September?? Thanks Ed
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