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  1. I have an '81 (3318) in need of door seals. Has anyone tried this on a pre'83 since September?? Thanks Ed
  2. My car was in the shop - just got it back and I am completing my profile. RQB 3318 is the serial number. Bob Johnstone's site lists a couple of options for the bushings - thanks. Short story: I went to school in South Bend from 66-70. In 68 I found the Avanti factory and would go down and watch from a viewing station as they hand assembled a few cars at a time. There was one that was school bus yellow with a zebra striped black and white interior. By the time I left I wanted on of these cars. Every 10 years or so I would look at what was available, but never pulled the trigger. Well I recently looked again and found this one that had a new engine, new paint and new interior at a very reasonable price. My lovely wife said "you've wanted one of these for 50 years, you better buy it" - so I did. Having a great time on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Ed Minch
  3. I am new to Avanti's - got an '81 6 weeks ago. I have a great mechanic who has gone over the car, replaced and repaired a couple of minor items, and pronounced it ready for a cross-country trip if I decide to do that. One thing it needs are control arm bushings - he can't find them anywhere. Where can I get 4 control arm bushings for an '81 Avanti II Ed M
  4. Just joined today and this is the first thread I am looking at - hope this interchange is not representative. I have an '81 but it is the shop so I can't go look
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